Tough Guy Antifa Bomber Arrested After His Trump-Loving Grandma Turns Him In

Antifa protester Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill, 18-years-old, was arrested by U.S. Marshals after his grandma identified him in videos where he appears to throw an explosive device at a federal courthouse in Portland.Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill

The same federal courthouse President Trump and federal law enforcement have been desperately trying to protect despite Democrat efforts to let rioters have their way.

Agard-Berryhill appears to be in the video below where he is sporting a unique vest and seen launching the bomb over a fence.

He has been charged with felony arson and, if convicted, faces a minimum of five years in prison according to the New York Post.

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Grandma Outs Him

Turns out, Rico’s grandma was able to identify him after spotting the vest … because she bought it to help in his burgeoning protesting anarchist career.

“This is my only grandson, I love him to death, and didn’t know he was going to do such a bad thing,” Karla Fox, 69, wrote on Twitter.

“I had been posting several things about the Antifa and BLM (Black Lives Matter), he knows I am against those riots bigtime,” she continued. “He chose his poison.”

Apparently, Fox, using the user name ‘grammaf,’ actually left a review of the vest she bought her son online.

“I got this [vest] for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its (sic) does the job,” the review reads.

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Street Cred: -500 Points

One has to wonder exactly how much street cred an Antifa goon gets by sporting a fake bulletproof vest and getting turned into authorities by his grandma.

Actually, Agard-Berryhill turned himself in after grandma identified him … by going to his probation officer.

Fox told the Post that her grandson has a felony conviction from when he was a minor.

Seems like this kid is destined for bigger and better things in life. Future Democrat congressman perhaps?

Rico attempted to defend himself by claiming ignorance.

“The device I’ve been accused of allegedly throwing was allegedly given to me by an unknown protestor with full face coverings,” Agard-Berryhill wrote to the Post. “I was allegedly told that it was a strobe firework that wouldn’t damage the building or harm anyone around it.”

We’ll take ‘People That Don’t Know What the Word Allegedly Means’ for $1,000, Alex.

Making this story even better – Grandma is a fan of the President.

Fox is described by the newspaper as “a conservative who supports President Trump and whose Portland-area home is full of MAGA merchandise.”

Oh, the irony.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance writer focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been following and analyzing the political climate for several years, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, FoxNews.com and more.

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  • This grandmother is a common example of what being a citizen was like before narcissism swept over our country.

  • You know, I kinda feel sorry for these kids sometimes, because at these young ages, they can easily be influenced to get into doing really stupid stuff that can wreck their futures, and make them regret their juvenile actions the rest of their lives. Given that, he's going to learn that lesson pretty early, and pay for his actions. Did he even consider he could have injured or killed someone?... Hope it was worth it, Gabriel...now, let's see if your Antifa brethren stand by you, or leave you in the dust.... Trump2020

  • I love this grandma. I would be ok adding a one to that 5 year prison sentence. That little punk better wear iron undies.

  • I've posted this on various websites. Look at these Antifa losers "eyes" they're always not right. "Crazy eyes" Buddy had this in his 20's. Hes been in and out of psychiatric care for 30+ years

  • “A Portland man has been charged with arson after throwing a large explosive device at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse during a protest on July 28, 2020. Investigation by @USMarshalsHQ“. STOP CALLING THIS A ‘PROTEST’!!! It’s a riot bent on destroying everything that is good!!!!

  • Turned himself into his probation officer. Another law-abiding leftist (not) that wants to do away with police so they can liveas they please.

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