Today’s Mainstream Media Wants To Keep Voters Ignorant And Uninformed

The Deep State is suicidal. Their power resides in the federal government, and the destruction of the electoral system will destroy any faith in the federal government.

They have become the mechanism of tyranny they were intended to prevent, and we are better off without them.

To them, chaos/losing legitimacy and even perhaps collapse may be a preferable outcome long term. They may or even likely feel that it would all settle down at some point, and then they can blame the chaos on Trump the man, and rebuild something resembling what we have today by way of the people DEMANDING a return to normalcy (tyranny).

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Big Academia and Big Enemydia are indeed “all in” to assist.

Dumbed down citizens fed constant propaganda are easy to manipulate, and that is the place the last 100 years (with the exception of WWII) have brought us to.

Worse, because of all of the credentialed fools and the legal “profession,” most still believe “it can’t happen here,” while it is happening here.


I think the US government needs to run a massive news/publicity campaign (before the media and social media can collude to ban ads) threatening action against anyone who commits any voter fraud. Any kind, and let them know that they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I would go so far as to offer a reward to anyone who turns in a fraudster or who provides evidence leading to a successful prosecution. What this would do is create distrust among the crooks.

Is it worth risking jail time? Is the guy standing next to me videotaping my preparation of multiple ballots? Could the guy I just asked to help me fill out ballots be an undercover agent? Likewise, falsely accusing someone of voter fraud would be a crime. It isn’t that hard to find out if someone voted twice. Voter fraud is not an act of patriotism.

Finally, offer a small reward to anyone turning in an unclaimed ballot (i.e., a ballot left at an apartment building mailbox center) because the addressee isn’t there. There could be thousands of postal workers who decide to leave undeliverable ballots lying around, knowing that they will be picked up and filled out by an unethical Democrat.)

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Those unclaimed ballots could be used to force states to clean up voter rolls. Trump could set up an emergency Department charged with collecting and safeguarding unclaimed ballots and paying out the rewards. The MSM would scream bloody murder, helping us to get the word out.


These crybabies threatened to secede from the union if President Trump wins, the patriots need to secede from the union if Biden cheats to win. There are more of us than them, and we shouldn’t just roll over and let an illegitimate stolen election go unchallenged.

This country belongs to the citizens, and if the citizens feel they need to cheat for their side to win, we are in a bad place. Now the time comes for Americans to start protecting each other and stop all this chaos mess. These babies want the government to care for them while patriots wish to earn their way.

We have been living the nightmare of the snowflakes governance for a long time and paying for our enslavement; this time, we have to say no.


Two things are going to happen immediately after November 4th: First, either Trump will have the most votes, but the tally won’t be final/official until at least after the first of the year as Dem-controlled states continue to “count” additional votes until they manufacture enough to “win.”

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Alternatively, Trump manages to win despite massive vote fraud, but the Dems refuse to concede, challenge everything, and the whole thing grinds down into a complete cluster.

Riots and looting will be off the chart, and this country will be ungovernable.

Say your prayers, stock up on food and critical supplies, and keep your heads down.



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