Thomas Sowell Debates Joe Biden Over Robert Bork Supreme Court Confirmation

When former President Ronald Reagan nominated Robert Bork to serve on the Supreme Court, the defamation he faced during the confirmation process was so strong that “borking” became a word for trying to viciously discredit someone. The word has even been added to the Dictionary, as its usage has become such common place.

The Senate ultimately rejected Bork’s nomination 42-58, with 52 Democrats and 6 Republicans voting against him.

While Bork didn’t make it to the SCOTUS, he had a number of intelligent supporters who skewered Bork’s critics while testifying. Among them was a young Thomas Sowell, perhaps one of the best known conservative intellectuals and economists today. There was a notable exchange between Sowell and an even younger Joe Biden, who clashed on the issue of affirmative action. Biden begins questioning Sowell around the eight minute mark, after Sowell lays out his initial case for why affirmative action is harmful to blacks.

Watch Sowell dominate the debate:

That was awesome! Sowell really showed Biden what’s what.

Liberals really do never learn. Even today, Biden and his ilk still spout off nonsense about affirmative action, even though Sowell discredited the idea nearly three decades ago.

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