This Massachusetts Woman Was Pulled Over By Three Cops, You Won’t Believe the Reason

Darlene MacAllister was driving home when she saw blue flashing lights behind her and got that “sinking feeling” wondering what she did wrong.

“I was scared. Like, what did I do wrong? I know I was speeding a little bit trying to get home,” she recalled.

She thought she was getting a warning or a ticket. Not one but three police officers pulled her over, politely telling her to get out of her car. The officers then asked her multiple questions.

“’What’s up with your sticker? When did you get that? When did you get that?’” MacAllister explained. “What he was doing was distracting me.”

But what she got was a reunion with her son Alan MacAllister, a soldier in the Army. The distraction was so her teenage son could pull off the surprise homecoming he’d been plotting for weeks. Watch the scene unfold below:


I used to do things like this to my mom, but I never used the police. Kudos to the young military serviceman. I thank him for his service.

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