The Washington Post Claims Barack Obama Was Conservative

Take this as a shot over the bow of USS Obama.

The Washington Post released an article calling Barack Obama a conservative. Here’s the truth, Obama was no conservative and it seems he was just not as far left as his most ardent supporters dreamed he would be. The core of why he was so disappointing is that he’s just lazy and he really didn’t want to be an active and engaged president after about 2011. The US was essentially leaderless during his second term as he was a figurehead who allowed senior staffers (V.J.) to operate as president as he golfed.

Obviously, somebody didn’t like Obama’s comments about the Democratic candidates drifting too far left. Printing a photo like this and calling Obama a conservative is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. They are telling Obama that he is expendable.

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Calling Obama a “conservative” is an extension of the word games that Democrats play. That goes like, if you can’t change the facts, change the words. Which is ultimately intended to support labeling their presidential hopeful social communist candidates as being “middle of the road” more or less.

For eight years I saw and heard nothing that suggested to me on any philosophical, intellectual and even moral level Obama is conservative. What’s next? Michelle is a libertarian? Maybe he’s conservative relative to the DNC but that doesn’t make him conservative.

One small line in the article I’d like to question, “sanguine about the use of military force.” Was he? He and Hillary knocked out Libya turning it into a failed state and leading to a migrant crisis Europe still deals with. He overlooked a Presidency that was in a continuous state of war; never mind the drone killing of an American without due process. He also expanded the spy state for good measure. Was he conservative when he took Catholic nuns to court for their stance on contraception? His comments on history were anything but of the classical conservative posture. I recall hearing have generic, progressive interpretation of The Crusades which were underwhelming if not flat out disappointing.

What of his economy? It was hardly conservative in a fiscal sense. It was just typical ‘Keynesian’ and ‘bailout’ strategies we’ve come to expect in Western politics.

Obama ruled and thought like a progressive. Claiming he’s conservative is preposterous.

The front of Sunday’s Outlook section in The Washington Post is a complete spit take. There in bold type is the blatantly false headline “Barack Obama, conservative.”

David Swerdlick is an employee of the Post’s Outlook section, so this isn’t some freakish freelancer. At first glance, this article seems like an obvious ploy to explain away just how radical the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are by comparison.

Photo Emerges of Alleged Whistleblower Shaking Hands With Obama

“This is still a country that is less revolutionary than it is interested in improvement.”

That remark helps explain why so many of the candidates’ proposals seem so far to the left of Obama. The former president was skeptical of sweeping change, bullish on markets, sanguine about the use of military force, high on individual responsibility and faithful to a set of old-school personal values. Compare that with proposals from his would-be successors: Medicare-for-all, the Green New Deal, free college, a wealth tax, universal basic income. [Newsbusters]

Obama…as president, he prioritized recovery over punishing bankers for their role in the financial crisis.”

Wasn’t that because his AG, Eric Holder, worked in a private law firm that represented many of those bankers for several years before he was named Attorney General? They were his friends and clients. Those Occupy Wall Street protestors had no idea the bankers they were screeching about were above the law with Obama as POTUS – and they voted for him.

Also, if Barry is such a conservative, why did he appoint two hyper-leftist SCOTUS justices and sign the gay marriage legislation? For that matter, his IRS targeted conservative groups and destroyed hard drives that were under congressional subpoena.

Democrats like to point out that the stock market went up while Obama was in office. What they fail to point out, (usually due to ignorance, but oftentimes intentionally), is that the only reason the stock market turned around in March of 2009 and didn’t fall another 50 percent, is that Obama’s efforts to nationalize the banks failed.

Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Reveals Obama Aides Left ‘You Will Fail’ Notes Behind For Trump Staffers

His efforts to nationalize our financial system were met with enough opposition among some Democrats in the Dem-controlled Senate and even from places like the New York Times and the Huffington Post.

Anyone reading the Washington Post article had their IQ’s dropped by at 35 points, at least. So sad that some people feel the need to prove the depth of their hateful Progressive bigotry. This is just an example of disinformation with will cited as proof later of Obama’s secret conservative bent. This article also covers their rear ends when we get down to “What Obama knew, and When he knew it.”

Obama is an abomination, not a conservative. He hates America, Christianity, Capitalism, and above all else: White citizens. Leftists are too dishonest to admit these truths.

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Wayne Dupree

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