The Very Politically Astute Hollywood Realm Is Casting Endorsements

Literally actors endorsing actors.


By David Kamioner | January 16, 2020

If the Republican National Committee wanted to design a series of public events that was sure to bring the Democratic Party into scorn and disrepute it could not have come up with a better plan than to have echo chambered leftist Hollywood stars tour the campaign trail for their favorite candidates.

But that’s just what is happening courtesy of the Dem campaigns.

Seriously, thanks Dems.

In case you need a list of actors and actresses to politically detest (always a handy study guide) then let us furnish the details.

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Danny Glover is making the rounds for Sanders, Judge Judy is for Bloomberg, Martin Sheen likes Warren, Mandy Moore touts Buttigieg, Dave Chapelle backs Yang, Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon are behind Sanders, Megan Rapinoe gushes for Warren, Biden has Michelle Kwan, and Sanders has the blessings of Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski.

If you don’t know who all those people are don’t worry. You’re probably an adult and thus shouldn’t.

The sad thing is many young voters know more about the celebrities than the candidates they’re endorsing.

So far there are no surprises there but a couple of disappointments. Like his politics or not, Martin Sheen is a great actor. With films like Apocalypse Now and The Departed on his resume, one might hope against hope…but nope. He was also the sanctimonious Josiah Bartlett on The West Wing, the liberal fantasy show on DC.

The closest Sheen has come to national politics is acting in an Oval Office set for many years, but he’s also been vocal about his political inclinations and has written a number of forwards for books with liberal-leaning messages.

Sheen has also called Trump a “self-serving, arrogant, stupid lunatic.”

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But the fact that Dave Chapelle, who is really funny but also not a bad social satirist, is in that company (granted for Yang, who, while on the left, is closer to center than most of his fellow candidates) marks a sad development that can hopefully be chalked up to a generational loyalty.

The rest of them?

Some decent actors and nominal celebrities who haven’t a clue about politics, policy, or America.

Ergo we wish them a long and happy campaign tour. It can only help the president.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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