Texas Wants To Execute Man Who Shot a SWAT Team Member He Thought Was a Home Invader

Liberals love to snicker about paranoid conservatives and “gun nuts” who believe a tyrannical government could turn against them someday. Although the Constitution warns about this danger, it’s treated like a right-wing conspiracy theory.

But maybe this chilling story will make liberals sit up and rethink that notion: Texas wants to execute a man who shot a SWAT Team member he mistakenly believed was a home invader. (H/T: Reason.com)


It all began when Texas police decided to raid the home of Marvin Louis Guy, looking for narcotics. They executed the search warrant at 5:30 AM and entered Guy’s house without knocking. Understandably, Guy thought they were intruders and opened fire, killing a police detective and injuring three others.

There were no drugs in the home.

A police informant apparently told them there were bags of cocaine inside the house, which sounds a lot like another familiar drug raid in Virginia that got an officer killed.

The Virginia case ended with Ryan Frederick in prison for 10 years despite his insistence he thought he was defending himself against in home intruders. He may end up lucky compared to Guy. Prosecutors in Texas are going to seek the death penalty against him. KWTX offers a dreadfully written summary that says next to nothing about the circumstances of the raid but gives Dinwiddie’s whole life story. Guy faces three additional charges of attempted capital murder for shooting the other officers. The story mentions the no-knock raid but fails to explain why it happened or the failure to find any drugs.

A search for Guy in the jail inmate locator for Bell County, Texas, shows that he is being charged only for the shootings. There are no drug-related charges listed. He is being held on a bond totaling $4.5 million.

A Facebook friend shared this story and asked, “Where’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?” Although Jackson and Sharpton are billed as “civil rights leaders,” they tend to show up wherever the TV cameras go. They choose their “civil rights” battles on the basis of how much air time is in it for them. It’s also likely that liberals are willfully ignoring this story, because it would require siding with a law-abiding gun owner being persecuted for defending himself.

The Michael Brown case received weeks of round-the-clock news coverage as protestors looted and attacked police. Where are the rallies for Marvin Louis Guy?

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