Convicted Killer “Suffering Unbearably” Through a Life Sentence Asks to Be Euthanized


This is crazy! In Belgium, a convicted murderer and serial rapist has been granted a request to be euthanized after serving 30 years of a life sentence. The death penalty is abolished in Belgium but assisted suicide is legal. Via Reuters:

Frank Van Den Bleeken had argued that he had no prospect of release since he could not overcome his violent sexual impulses and so he wanted to exercise his right to medically assisted suicide in order to end years of mental anguish.

“Over recent years, he has been seen by several doctors and psychologists and their conclusion is that he is suffering, and suffering unbearably,” his lawyer, Jos Vander Velpen, told state broadcaster VRT.

Good! He’s a murderer and rapist, he SHOULD be suffering unbearably, just like his victims did!

The Mirror UK has more on this killer’s sob story:

Mr Vander Velpen said: “He hears the other patients shouting and crying all day and night and cannot live with it. Every minute seems like a day to him.

“He has stopped walking as he used to do and just sits in his cell all the time. …

Mr Vander Velpen said: “He can’t control himself. He always seems to make the wrong decision. Being in prison has just made the situation worse. It has built up his resentment and made him desperately unhappy. …

Oh, no – being in prison has made him unhappy?! Please hold while I play the world’s tiniest violin for a monster whose crimes include raping an 11-year-old girl.

Of course, I believe the world would be a better place without him, and I support the death penalty, but it is not the death penalty when a killer wants to escape the “mental anguish” of prison after being sentenced to life in jail. He should not get to choose his own punishment for his heinous crimes, especially when it brings him relief. Let him rot.

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