Tucker Carlson: Nixon Was Removed from Office Because He Knew CIA Was Involved in Kennedy Assassination

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ran an explosive segment suggesting President Richard Nixon was removed from office because he apparently…

4 months ago

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Waves Off Reporter Who Asks About Durham Filing Claiming Her Campaign Paid To Spy On Trump

Hillary Clinton dismissed a reporter inquiring about claims her campaign's lawyers paid a technology company to 'spy' on servers at…

1 year ago

Obama Advisor David Axelrod Claims Trump Tried To Steal Election – ‘Nixon Was A Choirboy Compared To This’

David Axelrod, a CNN commentator who was a former advisor to Barack Obama, spoke out on Wednesday to claim that…

2 years ago

Chris Cuomo Claims Trump’s DOJ Is ‘Ugliest Example’ Of Deep State – Makes ‘Watergate Look Like Jaywalking’

CNN host Chris Cuomo spoke out on Thursday night to respond to a New York Times story that former President Donald…

2 years ago

Watergate Mastermind And Conservative Talk Radio Legend G. Gordon Liddy Dead At 90

G. Gordon Liddy, a reelection campaign operative for Richard Nixon in 1972 who played a central role in the Watergate…

2 years ago

Joy Behar Comes Unglued As She Calls For Trump To Be Impeached For ‘Treason’

On Monday's episode of "The View," host Joy Behar came completely unglued as she reacted to audio from a one-hour phone…

2 years ago

Rob Reiner Unravels As He Accuses President Trump Of ‘Murdering Americans’

Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner had yet another anti-Trump meltdown on Monday, this time going so far as to…

3 years ago

‘Trump Was Wrong From Day One:’ Gov. Cuomo Says President’s ‘COVID Scandal’ Makes ‘Watergate Look Innocent’

On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said during a press conference that President Donald Trump’s “COVID scandal makes what…

3 years ago

Watergate-Era Lawyers Try To Influence Judge Against Flynn

They have no legal business with this case. Their move is purely political.

3 years ago

Pelosi Compares Trump To Nixon

Matt M. Miller on November 15, 2019 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi compared President Donald Trump to former President Richard…

4 years ago

Image About 27-Year Old Hillary Clinton EXPOSES Her In A HUGE WAY (LOOK)

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician who helped her husband lie his way into the White House. But did you…

7 years ago

Remember When Hillary Clinton Had Zero Classified Emails On Private Server? This Will Blow Your Mind!

Jerry Zeifman, chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate hearings, said in an interview. “She [Hillary Clinton] was…

8 years ago