Tucker Carlson: Deep State Working To Keep Trump From Winning ‘Like When They Killed Kennedy’

Tucker Carlson offered up some grim analysis of what the 2024 presidential election cycle might bring, noting that every power center in America is trying to stop Donald Trump from winning "like when they killed Kennedy."
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The former Fox News host Tucker Carlson offered up some grim analysis of what the 2024 presidential election cycle might bring, noting that every power center in America is trying to stop Donald Trump from winning “like when they killed Kennedy.”

It’s a sobering take from the media giant, asserting that Democrats, Republicans, the media, and intelligence agencies, along with numerous other entities, are working in concert to stop the man who stands as the overall favorite amongst voters.

“You have Trump … all the liberal polls are showing him leading the race, beating Joe Biden in the battleground states,” Carlson said in a podcast interview with Redacted News host Clayton Morris.

“So like, they can’t let him win, but if they don’t let him win, then it’s just super obvious that all this democracy stuff was fraudulent and that it’s not a democracy, it’s an oligarchy run by the richest people,” he continued.

Carlson contends that one man trying to lift the veil on this was Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) “back when he was a free man … telling the truth.”

That’s when the interview pivots to a frightening outlook and analysis of what is happening right before our eyes.

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Carlson: They’ll Do Anything To Stop Trump ‘Like When They Killed Kennedy’

Carlson, in the interview with Morris, was asked what his political instincts were telling him was going to happen in 2024. He began by pointing out that “every power center in the country” was working together to stop Trump.

Every power center, and now that this is becoming obvious, he contends, the truth is being revealed.

“And so at that point, like the veil’s off, we can’t pretend anymore,” Carlson said. “Like when they killed Kennedy – which they did – they could kind of pretend like everything’s fine.”

“But after this election, there’s no pretending, everything’s fine. Everyone will know,” the former Fox News host continued. “And it is a little bit like you get kidnapped, you get thrown in the back of the car and all of a sudden the kidnapper turns around and lowers his mask and you see his face. And that’s not a good thing because once you see his face, he has to kill you because you know who he is.”

America’s kidnapper has been revealed in the form of a power-hungry, elitist cabal, desperately trying to stop a man of the people.

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Did They Kill Kennedy?

Carlson has long been a believer that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was involved in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

In fact, he recently offered a detailed analysis of why he believes President Richard Nixon was removed from office (Watergate) because he specifically knew that the CIA was involved in Kennedy’s assassination and was asking too many questions.

“On June 23, 1972, Nixon met with the then–CIA director, Richard Helms, at the White House,” Carlson explained. “During the conversation, which thankfully was tape-recorded, Nixon suggested he knew ‘who shot John,’ meaning President John F. Kennedy.”

“Nixon further implied that the CIA was directly involved in Kennedy’s assassination, which we now know it was,” he added. “Helms’s telling response? Total silence.”

Four of the five burglars in the Watergate scandal worked for the CIA.

Ron Paul, the former Republican presidential candidate and libertarian icon, like Carlson, has asserted that Kennedy was “murdered by our government.”

Carlson also told Redacted News that if the entrenched deep state were actually trying to preserve democracy, they’d leave the 2024 presidential contest up to the voters.

“I kind of don’t know how we get along after this election unless they decelerate and, and just, and just do what they should do,” he said. “Which is like, look, we don’t like Trump. Here’s why we don’t think he’s good for the country. Here’s why we think Joe Biden’s great. Here’s why America make your choice.”

“But I don’t think they are going to do that. They’re morally obligated to do that, but they won’t. And it’s incumbent on them to do that,” Carlson continued. “Stop charging him with bulls*** crimes that your own people skate on.”

Tucker believes that the only way to move on in this country is to “have a free and fair election for the first time in a while, since 2016.”

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