Watergate-Era Lawyers Try To Influence Judge Against Flynn

They have no legal business with this case. Their move is purely political.


Sixteen former Watergate prosecutors have notified Judge Emmet Sullivan, a jurist for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, that they intend to file an “amicus curiae” (“friend of the court”) brief in the case against former Trump National Security Adviser U.S. Army General Michael Flynn after the Department of Justice moved to dismiss the charges against the general.

Here is their rationale: “In their roles as Watergate prosecutors, Amici investigated serious abuses of power by President Richard M. Nixon and prosecuted many of President Nixon’s aides for their complicity in his offenses. Here, where the Motion seeks to reverse a prosecutorial judgment previously entrusted to and made by Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, the value of the Watergate Prosecutors’ unique perspective on the need for independent scrutiny and oversight to ensure that crucial decisions about prosecutions of high-ranking government officials are made in the public interest, are viewed as legitimate, and are not subsequently reversed by political intervention.”

Specifically, the Watergate prosecutors noted that “[t]he Government’s Motion also does not adequately address questions of this Court’s heightened Article III role in light of the posture of this case, with the Defendant having pled guilty and awaiting sentencing. A guilty plea represents a turning point between ‘the Executive’s traditional power over charging decisions and the Judiciary’s traditional authority over sentencing decisions.'”

The sixteen long-in-the-tooth liberal lawyers (incidentally, another on the Watergate staff among these sixteen is Hillary Clinton) who are trying to nail General Michael Flynn, even though charges have been dropped by the DOJ, include Nick Ackerman. Here is an idea of Mr. Ackerman’s sense of fair justice and impartial analysis.

Others in on this political ploy are CNN legal analyst Richard Ben-Veniste, Biden donor Richard Davis, Biden donor Carl Feldbaum, long-time Democrat donor George Frampton, Carter administration lawyer Kenneth Geller, NBC pundit Gerald Goldman, MSNBC pundit Jill Wine-Banks, Democrat donor Stephen Haberfield, Berkeley law school professor Henry Hecht, Washington Post writers Paul Hoeber, Robert Palmer, and Philip Lacorva, Never-Trumper and Democrat donor Paul Michael, Democrat donor Frank Tuerkheimer, and Biden donor Roger Witten.

These shysters are from a bygone era of flower children and gullible ant-Vietnam War marches. They have dusted off their copies of Das Kapital and now stride forth in what they believe to be a holy crusade. The fact that the crusade has as its target a brave U.S. Army general who did more in one day to serve his nation than they have done in their entire sordid professional lives does not seem to phase them.

Though they do likely recognize, and would be loath to admit it, that this is a defensive action that will only serve to delay justice, not impede it. Because if the judge rules against a man who has had charges against him dropped, then it would give the president even more of a motivation to pardon Flynn. If so, General Flynn has to endure a bit more. But his sacrifice will remain a lesson to us: There is nothing, but nothing, the Democrats and their allies will not stoop to, including corrupting the justice system, to get Donald Trump.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on May 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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