Watergate Mastermind And Conservative Talk Radio Legend G. Gordon Liddy Dead At 90

g gordon liddy dead

G. Gordon Liddy, a reelection campaign operative for Richard Nixon in 1972 who played a central role in the Watergate scandal, died at the age of 90 on Tuesday.

His death was confirmed by Liddy’s son, Thomas. COVID-19 was not a factor in his death.

Post-Watergate, Liddy went on to conservative talk radio fame.

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Watergate Mastermind Liddy: ‘I’d Do It Again For My President’

A former FBI agent, Liddy was known as the mastermind behind Watergate, the infamous plot to put wiretaps inside the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters.

After the plot was discovered, Liddy was arrested along with six others.

Liddy spent four years in prison, convicted of conspiracy, burglary, and illegal wiretapping.

He refused to testify before a Senate committee regarding his involvement.

Years later, Liddy said, “I’d do it again for my president.”

As Congress began to impeach Nixon in 1974, Nixon resigned.

Liddy Became A Popular Nationally-Syndicated Talk Radio Host

The Los Angeles Times reported upon his death, “While others swept up in the Watergate scandal offered contrition or squirmed in the glare of televised congressional hearings, Liddy seemed to wear the crime like a badge of courage, saying he only regretted that the mission to break into the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters had been a failure.”

In his post-prison life, Liddy became a popular talk radio host and was known for making controversial remarks.

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Liddy Never Shied From Controversy

During the federal government’s raid on on the Waco, Texas Branch Davidian compound in 1993, Liddy told his listeners to target federal agents with “head shots.”

Liddy would later say that he wasn’t advocating violence against federal agents, but believed anyone, regular American citizens, should be able to defend themselves and their liberties if confronted with deadly force.

Liddy once appeared on Dave Letterman’s show, to talk about his past – including his lecture circuit with infamous LSD guru Timothy Leary.

In 2015, Liddy’s wife died. He is survived by five children and a sister.


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