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Jane Fonda Jennifer Lopez
February 15, 2024
Jane Fonda is slamming Jennifer Lopez for her excessive PDA with her husband Ben Affleck, accusing her of “trying to prove something.”
Jane Fonda
February 6, 2024
Jane Fonda is trying to recruit liberal voters by whining about climate change, saying that you must “have climate in your heart.”
Joy Behar Nikki Haley
January 24, 2024
Joy Behar resorted to begging Nikki Haley to stay in the race, claiming that she makes Donald Trump look “demented.”
Jane Fonda
June 12, 2023
Jane Fonda, the radically liberal Hollywood star, will be taking a break from acting until the 2024 election to focus on political activism.
February 16, 2023
Two representatives from Washington state are working together to reintroduce a bill from the 117th Congress to honor Vietnam War Veterans.
Mitch McConnell Biden
August 24, 2021
Mitch McConnell turned on Joe Biden, admitting that Afghanistan is “dramatically worse than Saigon in 1975.”
Biden Obama
August 24, 2021
A former top Barack Obama official admitted that the U.S. should have gotten out of Afghanistan way sooner.
Meghan McCain Gwen Berry
June 29, 2021
Meghan McCain demolished the Olympian Gwen Berry for disrespecting the anthem, saying “it’s not about you.”
Spike Lee Trump
June 11, 2020
Hollywood director Spike Lee just revealed why he decided to include a black supporter of President Donald Trump in his latest movie.
Jane Fonda
May 1, 2020
Hollywood actress Jane Fonda used her “Fire Drill Friday” protest to call for COVID-19 recovery money to be used to fight climate change.
Maxine Waters
April 24, 2020
Rep. Maxine Waters revealed yesterday that her sister is dying of COVID-19 while speaking on the House floor about the coronavirus relief bill.
Jane Fonda
April 5, 2020
Hollywood star Jane Fonda tried to move her infamous climate change protests online because of coronavirus, but it ended up backfiring on her.