Spike Lee Reveals Why He Put A Black Trump Supporter In His New Movie: ‘Some Negroes…Will Drink The Orange Kool-Aid’

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Hollywood director Spike Lee just revealed why he decided to include a black supporter of President Donald Trump in his latest movie, and his reasoning can only be described as incredibly offensive.

During an interview with “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King on Tuesday, Lee explained his decision to make one of the main characters in his new movie Da 5 Bloods a black Trump voter. While he claimed that the movie treated the character with dignity, his reasoning behind why he decided to include a black Trump supporter in his film says otherwise.

“In the movie you include a black Trump supporter complete with a Make America Great Again hat on. Now knowing how vocal you’ve been against the President I think many people were surprised that you made that decision. How come?” King asked Lee, according to Daily Wire.

“Well, there are some negroes that have drunk or will drink the Orange Kool-Aid that’s coming in November, but it’s a very, very small percentage and I needed — we needed that – my co-writer Ken Wilmott and I to put some tension in the group,” Lee replied.

The Do The Right Thing director went on to claim that this character, who was played by actor Delroy Linda, was treated with respect in the movie.

“These four brothers who grew up, who fought side-by-side in the Vietnam War and are coming back 40 some years later,” he said. “So everybody can’t be — everybody went off after they came back from the war, so people went their different ways and – I would like to add, played by the great actor Delroy Lindo, he really makes you understand why he’s wearing that hat and you have sympathy for him.”

Lindo, however, dramatically told The Guardian that he is so appalled by black Trump supporters that he had difficulty accepting the role when he was first offered it.

“I remember saying to Spike, ‘I’ve got a 17-year-old son, man. I don’t want him seeing me representing this person,’” Lindo recalled. “It had to do with my values, as a parent and as a being on the planet, feeling that I would be representing an individual who is … I don’t have the words to discuss this individual.”

Lindo pushed to have the character just be an arch-conservative, but Lee recused to back down, insisting that he be a supporter of Trump.

“Spike thought about it for a few days, then said, ‘Yeah, I really need him to be a Trump supporter,’” said Lindo.

It should be noted that earlier this year, Lee mockingly shared a photo of black Trump supporters praying with the president.

“Massa, We Love You, Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo’ You Massa. Singing- ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,'” he captioned the image, using deeply racist language recalling that of a submissive southern house slave.


What Lee and others like him don’t seem to realize is that this kind of shaming of black conservatives is racism at its absolute worst. All minority races and sexuality should be able to choose how they think politically just like anyone else can, yet they are constantly shamed for daring to stray from Democrat lawmakers who continue to take their votes for granted.

The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on June 11, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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