Jane Fonda, 85, Announces She’s Leaving Acting Until 2024 Presidential Election To Focus On Political Activism

Jane Fonda
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The Hollywood star Jane Fonda has announced that she will be taking an 18 month break from acting to focus on her radically liberal political activism ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Fonda Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that Fonda, 85, revealed this while being interviewed by Robin Roberts onstage for thirty minutes at the Tribeca Film Festival after being honored with the Harry Belafonte Voices For Social Justice Award. Belafonte, who died two months ago at the age of 96, was another shameless liberal who many would argue was a supporter of terrorism.

“Let’s get rid of the Joe Manchin’s. We need to try to light a fire under Biden and look, we have to vote for him, ok?” Fonda said. “We have got to get really mad at him and we have to try to demand that he earn our votes. But I mean, let’s be real because the alternative is the end of everything.”

Fonda, who earned herself the nickname of Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War after she was photographed straddling an enemy anti-aircraft gun that was used to kill U.S. troops, went on to thankfully admit that she’s never had any interest in running for a political office herself.

“One thing about getting old is that you start to get a little smart about what your strong suits are. And that’s not one of them. I’m a cheerleader,” she said. “I don’t have any original ideas. I’m the one who takes your ideas and then I get credit for it.”

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Fonda Talks Climate Change

Not stopping there, Fonda argued that it is “up to us” to fight back against climate change because it will be “too late” for the next generation of humans.

“We are animals, let us not forget,” she claimed. “We depend on the ocean and the forests for oxygen, for food. I mean, even dogs don’t s*** in their own kennel. And we’re in our kennel and taking a lot down with us in the process. We have to stop it. It’s all connected.”

“Those of us who are alive right now in this decade, it’s up to us (to make a change) because when we go it’ll be too late. We’re the ones who can make the difference,” she continued. “Let’s not, when history is written, be the ones that were staying at home and rearranging the china.”

During this same interview, Fonda also paid tribute to Belafonte, saying that he “devoted himself to the civil rights movement and whenever they needed something – if they needed something, he would be sure to get it for them. He used his platform in the way that celebrities should.”

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Fonda’s Vietnam War Activism

It should be noted that Fonda’s son Troy was named after Viet Cong bomber Nguyễn Văn Trỗi, who attempted to assassinate U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. In a 2018 interview, Fonda blamed much of her behavior during the Vietnam War on drug use and eating disorders.

“I was alternately bulimic and anorexic. I would maybe eat one soft-boiled egg and spinach a day, period. I took Dexedrine, which is speed,” she said.” So I was really speedy, and I was starving, along with like getting all of this new information coming in at a very rapid pace.”

“I mean, I’m high-strung anyway, but me on Dexedrine without eating, and feeling like I have to say everything all at once, it’s like – I’m amazed that anybody could receive what I was saying,” she added. “It was like: ‘Wow! Who is this woman?'”

Fonda has shown for decades that she is a crazed liberal who has no respect for America, so it’s disappointing that she’s still being given a platform to spew her nonsense to the world. While we’re glad that we won’t have to suffer through one of her acting performances for the next 18 months, we can only imagine what she has planned for her political activism!

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