Jane Fonda Reemerges To Recruit Liberal Voters – ‘Have Climate In Your Heart’

Jane Fonda
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The Hollywood star Jane Fonda reemerged last week in a bid to recruit liberal voters ahead of this year’s presidential election.

Fonda Sounds Off

On Friday, Fonda appeared at Colorado State University’s thematic Year of Democracy, where she used climate change to try and convince people to vote Democrat.

“We’re the first generation — all of us, us old folks and you young folks — we’re the first to experience the real effects of the climate crisis,” said Fonda, 86, according to The Collegian. “And we’re the last to be able to do something about it. So your involvement, your votes, whoever we vote for when you go to the polls — have climate in your heart.”

“We need to make oil companies persona non grata,” she continued. “Don’t sleep with anybody involved. Back in the ’60s during the Vietnam War, we used to say, ‘Girls say no to the boys who go.’ It was the wrong strategy, actually, because it wasn’t the boys’ fault. … You can sleep with the oil workers. It’s not their fault. Don’t sleep with the executives.”

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Fonda Doubles Down

Fonda went on to address her time spent in Commerce City, Colorado earlier in the week.

“We need to show up for people,” Fonda said. “You know what these kinds of places, what Commerce City, is called by the oil companies? It’s called a sacrifice zone.” 

“This isn’t a partisan issue,” she added. “This is a ‘Will we survive?’ issue, and you all can have a big impact. What got me to decide to commit my life to fighting against the climate crisis was people your age.” 

Fonda then explained that she was not born an activist, and instead became one over time.

“What I really like to do is listen,” Fonda said. “There’s listening, and there’s listening with your heart. So if you understand why people behave the way they do and then you find a few ways to talk differently, … you can talk to them (and see) where they’re coming from.

After encouraging students to lean on one another, Fonda said, “Men’s friendships are sitting side by side, looking out. Usually cars or sports or women. Women’s friendships are face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and even if you haven’t seen each other for five years, you drill right down to soul level.”

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Fonda Brings Up Vietnam War

Fonda also touched on the Vietnam War, during which she was given the nickname Hanoi Jane after she was photographed straddling an enemy anti-aircraft gun that was used to kill U.S. troops,

“How many people died in Vietnam because he needed to keep his family man image?” Fonda said. “It matters — we all have to be like psychiatrists when we go to the polls. Is this person going to be so worried about coming across as a manly man that he’s not going to do the human and sustainable thing that needs to happen?”

Fonda has been known for decades for her radical and ignorant liberal views, so her latest comments come as no surprise. In the end, anyone who would listen to Hanoi Jane is already voting Democrat, so she’s not really accomplishing anything with these left-wing rants.

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