Swine flu

Trump Reveals Vaccine Deliveries Could Begin As Early As Next Week

President Donald Trump spoke out on Thursday to reveal that vaccine deliveries may begin as early as next week. Trump…

1 year ago

Rep. Crenshaw Blasts Obama Senior Adviser For ‘Vitriol’ Making ‘Americans Feel Awful’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Rep. Dan Crenshaw hammered former senior adviser to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, for taking a politically opportunistic swipe at President…

2 years ago

Obama Accuses Trump Of Denying Coronavirus Warnings, Ted Cruz Fires Back

Barack Obama took a not-so-veiled swipe at President Trump, accusing his administration of 'denying' warning signs of a pandemic. The…

2 years ago

‘The View’ Gives Biden Free Pass For Response To Swine Flu – Allows Him To Relentlessly Bash Trump Over Coronavirus

The media can try to cover for Biden all they want, but most Americans will see right through it.

2 years ago

Liberal Group Plans To Spend Millions Attacking Trump’s Response To Coronavirus During Presidential Campaign

While Democrats will be blaming Trump for the coronavirus, these conservative groups will be putting everything they have into clearing…

2 years ago

Whoopi Goldberg Uses Coronavirus To Attack Trump: Mother Nature Did This To Us, Not China

The mainstream media has conveniently forgotten over the past few days that it was actually they who started calling this…

2 years ago

Biden Confuses Coronavirus With Swine Flu, Calls It ‘N1H1’

After beginning Sunday night's Democrat debate with a cough, Joe Biden had a 10-second lapse in which he mixed up…

2 years ago