Senator Bernie Sanders

Biden Wants Virtual Convention

The execution of it would be fascinating.

3 years ago

AOC Leads Democrat Hard Left Now That Sanders Is Over

Andrew Cuomo and Stacy Abrams in the mix.

4 years ago

Ohio Health Chief Postpones Primary – 3 Other States Going Ahead

The delay and the virus may change outcomes.

4 years ago

If You Like Coronavirus Circumstances, You’ll Love A Sanders Administration

No, this is not a conspiratorial run through. But it gives one pause for thought.

4 years ago

Coronavirus Has Killed The Idea Of Open Borders, But Democrats Still Want Them

The idea of letting anyone in now is considered public health suicide, but Democrats don't care.

4 years ago

Trump Wins Another Democrat Debate – Biden And Sanders Go Surreal

The mano y mano showdown degenerated into just plain strangeness.

4 years ago

Iranians Brand Biden ‘Incoherent’, Could Take Advantage Of It If He’s Elected

The mullahs have no respect for Biden as a leader. That could make them embark on dangerous gambles.

4 years ago

Trump Could Get Sanders’ Votes If Biden Is Nominated

Bernie supporters could vote for the president, or sit on their hands as many did in 2016.

4 years ago

Trump Leads Both Biden And Sanders In Iowa

This is a state the Democrats need to win.

4 years ago

Trump Blames Warren For Sanders Failure

The president is again adding fuel to the Democrat civil war.

4 years ago

Trump Campaign Saves America From Socialism And Senility

Trump is the only smart choice.

4 years ago

Sanders Fires Back At Hillary After She Attacks Him – ‘Unlike Secretary Clinton, I Don’t Want To Relive 2016’

Sanders almost sounds like Trump in his response to Clinton's criticism.

4 years ago