Trump Could Get Sanders’ Votes If Biden Is Nominated

Bernie supporters could vote for the president, or sit on their hands as many did in 2016.

The New York Post reports that vehement Bernie Sanders supporters are saying very publicly that they will never vote for Joe Biden, no matter what.

“We will never – NEVER boost or support Joe Biden or defend his abysmal record and terrible policy positions,” said Henry Williams, executive director of hard-left The Gravel Institute. “We will tell people, as we always have, to vote their conscience and to make decisions based on the interests of all the world’s oppressed people… I do expect a massive exodus from the Democratic Party.”

Leftist mutineers are coming clean. “I don’t know if I could vote for Biden,” opined a high-profile Democratic Socialist. “Biden is just an old white guy who inspires nobody. I sincerely think he will lose the electoral and popular vote and I know I won’t be voting for him in New York.”

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On certain issues like trade and the Iraq War, Sanders supporters have quietly supported the president. They also approve of his draw-down from Afghanistan. Many Sanderistas voted for Jill Stein in 2016. She was the Green Party candidate in that year. Their support for a candidate who had no chance of winning, instead of for Hillary, hurt Clinton badly in many states. They could do the same to Biden, such is their hatred of the Democratic establishment. There are those of them, about 20% in 2016, who will vote for Trump.

Few hardcore Sanders supporters want him to leave the race, even though by staying in he hurts Biden.

” ‘I think staying in the race is the responsible thing to do,” said Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of the socialist magazine Jacobin told the New York Post. “’He needs to challenge Biden on certain aspects of his rhetoric. He needs to accumulate clout and delegates to shape the Democratic platform and pressure the Biden campaign into adopting a more popular economic platform’. Sunkara says he too has no plans to vote for Biden.”

That advice, which Sanders seems to be taking, will only make the Democrats trend harder left, which also makes them that much more nationally unelectable. Combine that with this Sanders rank and file revolt and the case for a Trump re-election becomes stronger as times goes on.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on March 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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