Iranians Brand Biden ‘Incoherent’, Could Take Advantage Of It If He’s Elected

The mullahs have no respect for Biden as a leader. That could make them embark on dangerous gambles.

Recently, American enemy Iran, through their state media, told the world what they think of Joe Biden.

“Trump won Super Tuesday. In a surprising election outcome Joe Biden had handed Donald Trump and the American people four more years… Democrats had voted to replace (Trump) with one who is feeble minded, incoherent and with a history of neo-liberal policies ranging from racism by supporting increased incarceration of people of color to anti-unionism with support of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and everything in between… Generations of voters who supported Sanders are likely not to vote or will come out in small numbers,” said an on-air political analyst.

This has happened before to a Democrat presidential candidate. While he was running for president in 1960, Soviet Intelligence assessed that Democrat candidate John F. Kennedy was inexperienced and weak. Five months after Kennedy was inaugurated he met Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev for a summit in Vienna. The Soviet leader confirmed the KGB’s report.

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Soon the Soviets erected the Berlin Wall, in blatant violation of the Four Powers Accord over Berlin. Kennedy did nothing. When he lost his nerve there, the Soviets pressed their advantage. They moved intermediate-range missiles to Cuba. Kennedy won a PR victory by making them stop the shipments. But lost the larger game by giving up too much in return.

Geopolitics, like all politics, is run by facts and perceptions. The Soviets perceived Kennedy to be weak and acted on it. The Iranians already perceive Biden to be “feeble minded, incoherent.” Will they move to take advantage of his perceived weakness if he is elected?

Many on the Left think President Trump is a warmonger. But where have we gone to war since he has been president? As weakness, not strength, tempts aggressors to action, will a Biden election bring war?

If elected, will Biden feel, given he is thought of as weak by foreign foes of this nation, he has to prove himself in a useless military action somewhere just to prove his mettle? Will Americans die because Joe Biden comes off to the world as confused and mentally unfocused?

These are questions best asked now, before November ballots are cast.

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on March 15, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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