DeSantis Signs ‘Anti-Riot’ Bill That Enhances Penalties For Crimes Committed During A Riot

On Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an "anti-riot bill" after it passed the state Senate last week, legislation that…

1 year ago

White House Slams ‘Liberal Democrats’ As Violence In Philadelphia Continues

The White House issued a statement slamming Democrat leaders for the violence and unrest that continued in Philadelphia Tuesday night.…

2 years ago

Video: Trump Walks Off As Reporter Demands He Answer Questions About His Supporters Firing Paintballs

President Trump left a press conference as reporters repeatedly tried to get him to condemn the action of supporters in…

2 years ago

Newt Gingrich Implores America To Stand Up For Civilization: ‘Keep Arresting People Until There’s No One Left’

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the only way to quell the violence permeating Democrat-led cities is to "keep arresting…

2 years ago

Portland Shooter Reportedly ‘100% Antifa’

Late Sunday, The Oregonian reported that the man under investigation in the fatal shooting of a pro-Trump protester in Portland,…

2 years ago

Days After Trump Warns of Violence in Portland, Video Emerges Of Man Brutally Beaten By ‘Protesters’

A brutal assault by 'protesters' in Portland was captured on video just days after President Trump warned mayors in Democrat-controlled…

2 years ago

C-Span Airs Call That Threatens ‘Bloodshed’ Against Trump Supporters And Federal Troops

C-Span aired threatening anti-Trump comments from a caller over the weekend that referenced the recent murder of Trump supporter Bernell…

2 years ago

Watch: Portland’s Democrat Mayor Joins Protesters – Has Objects Thrown At Him And Gets Tear-Gassed

Trump-trashing Democrat Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, paid a visit to protesters in his city and was promptly cursed out,…

2 years ago

Older Woman Obliterates Radical Liberal Activist: ‘You Got Something To Say, Little Boy?’

It's safe to say that she taught that ginger protester a little lesson about life that he will never forget!

2 years ago

Protesters Break Into Private Neighborhood… Then Armed Residents Fought Back

A group of protesters in St. Louis, Missouri were confronted by armed homeowners after the mob breached private property, threatening…

2 years ago

Get Your Hands Off America’s Monuments – And We Aren’t Saying ‘Please’

All monuments in the United States must be preserved, PERIOD. Remember when Democrats first stated they only wanted the Confederate…

2 years ago

Watch: Georgia State Trooper Is Asked to Kneel At Protest – Says He Only Does That For God

A Georgia State Trooper's response to being asked to kneel at a recent Black Lives Matter protest has gone viral.…

2 years ago