Older Woman Obliterates Radical Liberal Activist: ‘You Got Something To Say, Little Boy?’

It's safe to say that she taught that ginger protester a little lesson about life that he will never forget!

An epic video is going viral this week depicting an older woman completely demolishing a young liberal activist after he demanded that she check her “f***ing privilege.”

The video was captured on Sunday, next to the statue of former President Teddy Roosevelt that has become controversial in the eyes of the radical Left.

As liberal protesters demanded that the statue be removed, a group appeared, advocating that it should stay right where it is. That’s when one passionate older woman took a stand against the radical lefties.

“You are a domestic terrorist group, and we will see to it that you fall, and you fall so hard you won’t know what hit you!” she began as she pointed at them.

This was apparently too much free speech for one ginger-haired radical male who approached the woman and told her, “Yo, lady! Check your f***ing privilege and get back over there!”

The woman, however, was not having any of it. “Who are you talkin’ to, huh?” she screamed at the young man, who towered over her. “You got something to say, little boy? You got something to say, little boy? No, you don’t, do you?”

Like many members of the radical Left, the boy started to back down as soon as he was confronted one-on-one. All that he could muster back was a weak “go back there,” but she wasn’t about to take orders from him. “No, I’ll stand wherever I want!” the woman fired back. “I can walk wherever I want!”

As she continued to yell at the man, other bystanders told him, “Don’t go chest-to-chest with a woman. Chest-to-chest with a woman, tough guy?”

“Learn your history!” the woman yelled. “If you learned your history, you wouldn’t be a radical!”

Finally getting ahold of himself, the boy eventually responded by saying, “You’re bigots. You don’t understand the Constitution. All men are created equal.”

Once again, the woman was undeterred.

“Is that the best you got, dolly boy?” she taunted him. “Is that the best you got, baby boy? Is that the best you got? Is that the best you got? Go back to school!”

Check out the video below, but we must warn you that it does include foul language:

The woman has continued to stand by her tirade in the wake of the video going viral.

“What they’re doing is trying to erase history,” she said afterward, going on to describe Roosevelt as “one of our best presidents ever” and that “it takes my breath away that something as beautiful and as magnificent as” the statue of him has been deemed as offensive by the Left.

“This is not about race any more; it never really was,” the woman continued. “This is about taking apart the fabric of America. This is all about the fabric of America. They want us to read their narrative: Freedom of speech so long as we say what they want us to say. Any kind of freedom at all is all about their narrative, the radical Left narrative. We can’t allow that any more. This is America. We stand with all races, all colors, all creeds. People came to this country to seek those freedoms, and now, from the inside out, they want to take them away. It’s not gonna work. We won’t allow it.”

It’s safe to say that she taught that ginger protester a little lesson about life that he will never forget!

This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on June 30, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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