Democrats Manage To Take Lead And Move Some ‘Toss Up’ Races Into Solid Blue Column

With the November midterm election roughly a month away, political horse races across the country for both the House and…

12 months ago

Polls: Biden And Congress Hit New Lows Among Voters

By Casey Harper (The Center Square) New polling shows that both President Joe Biden and the 117th Congress have hit…

2 years ago

Pollsters Claim They Don’t Know Why 2020 Polls Were Significantly Off And ‘Too Favorable’ To Biden

A new report regarding the 2020 presidential contest shows that polls at both the state and national level were significantly…

2 years ago

Democrats Might Kick Michael Moore Out Of Their Party After He Said This About Biden

This coming election is only about President Trump. Staunch Democrat supporter Michael Moore once again sounded the alarm a few…

3 years ago

Biden Is So Far Behind Trump In Reality – The Media Wants You To Think Otherwise

I am not surprised at the polls that have Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden up by a few skyscrapers. In…

3 years ago

The Polls Look Bad For Trump – Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Them

Many voters find themselves swayed by the constant bombardment of political polls pushed by the mainstream media. I've repeated time…

3 years ago

Biden Making Same Mistakes As Hillary

While the president rolls along to November.

3 years ago

Poll: Majority of Americans See Possibility Of Civil War, Political Violence Following Election

A number of new polls have shown that a shocking number of Americans are concerned about the possibility of violence…

3 years ago

Michael Moore Issues Warning To Dems About Biden’s Campaign In Michigan – ‘It’s Actually Worse Than Hillary’s’

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore spoke out this week to warn his fellow Democrats that Joe Biden is…

3 years ago

Michael Moore Calls For Democrats To ‘Wake Up’ About Trump Catching Up To Biden

Radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore just called for Democrats to "wake up" about President Donald Trump gaining on Joe…

3 years ago

New Poll Puts Trump Two Points Ahead Of Biden In Michigan

A new poll by the Trafalgar Group has given President Trump a two point lead in Michigan, a critical battleground…

3 years ago

Poll Finds President Trump’s Silent Majority – They’re Abundant

Most people know conservatives are undercounted in polls because they are not as loud and annoying as the Left and…

3 years ago