Biden Is So Far Behind Trump In Reality – The Media Wants You To Think Otherwise

I am not surprised at the polls that have Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden up by a few skyscrapers.

In fact, I expect this kind of behavior from the Dems.

The funny thing is, the Democrats truly think that by protecting Biden from the real Americans, they can quietly slip him into the White House as president.

A rude awakening is in store for them when Trump wins in a landslide.

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The more the propaganda wing of the far left loses credibility with the public, the more panicked they become.

The more panicked they become, the more insane and over the top their “news” gets.

The more insane their news gets, the more credibility they lose with the public.

They are caught in a vicious cycle and will remain so until they either unshackle themselves from the radical left or collapse entirely.

Biden Doesn’t Want To Be On Record For Anything

Biden really does not want to be asked the pertinent questions of a presidential candidate, like his firm stance on court-packing, filibustering, and the Green New Deal.

He has also been vague and elusive about his health condition and background.

It’s extraordinary how Americans are expected to vote for him based on claims that he can beat Trump and not based on an actual agenda or stance he has taken.

“Pass the bill to see what’s inside it” is what Pelosi said about Obamacare, which was a disaster.

The only tough question Biden has been subjected to was whether he would support packing the Supreme Court and ending the filibuster. It was one question, and he refused to answer on either subject.

If someone were undecided as a voter, and were able to ask Joe questions, it would be questions such as those he would be asked.

He would be asked about his ties to socialism, his silence on China, how his son got a job in Ukraine, and how he came back from China with $1.5 billion in Chinese cash.

Biden would be asked about his sexual assault accuser Tara Reade and her employment records, and “I don’t know” wouldn’t be considered an acceptable answer.

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These questions are just the tip of the iceberg, so I don’t actually believe there are any undecided voters.

If Biden’s own campaign doesn’t trust him enough to allow him to answer the tough questions, then not even they really trust him to be president.

The Media Is Covering For Old Yeller

The media has taken it upon themselves to protect Joe no matter what, even though they were against him when Democrats had a large field of women candidates.

Whatever happens in the election, President Trump successfully broke the media.

It is no longer seen as objective by conservatives or independents. It is much less effective as a partisan tool for Democrats

Have you noticed how there are never any tough or even direct questions about his proposed policies? When they advertise a town hall of undecided voters, it’s all lies.

Biden couldn’t stand up to questions from a Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Rush Limbaugh, or even a non-celebrity, everyday conservative.

In fact, the only direct, uncomfortable questions ever asked of Biden have been from President Trump at the debate.

Even there, Biden had Chris Wallace to protect him from answering questions about Hunter Biden and his overseas corrupt deals.

But then again, did anyone really expect anything honest from the Joe or the Democrats? You have to elect him before you know what he stands for.

Does he support packing the Supreme Court? Does he support making DC and Puerto Rico states?

Does he support the Green New Deal? Does he support ending fracking as he said in the primary and now says he doesn’t support it?

Remeber The Old Days?

Remember the early 70’s when the news media reported something?

It was most likely true, back in the days when the news media was not the arm of a political party.

I just don’t get because the media seems blissfully unaware that freedom of speech and freedom of the press are among the first rights abolished!

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I guess, and I can’t believe I am saying this, the media has no choice but to stack the deck. Everything out of Biden’s mouth, besides the horrendous gaffs, is soft soap.

It is intended to make a quick lather and disappear once it has served its purpose. He won’t commit to anything other than not committing to anything.

They can’t risk him getting any tough questions.

This Should Be Over – Seriously!

I still can’t believe that half of the country is falling for the Democratic Party’s malarkey.

Trump has his faults, but he genuinely cares about America.

Democrats seem to be doing everything in their power to bring her down. Truly sad. Democrats will cheat as much as possible at the ballot counting.

In the end, Trump will still win, and Americans will have no faith in elections anymore. All because Democrats want power. You can trace everything wrong with this country back to liberals grasping for power.

And that is the pure truth.


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