According to a new poll released Friday, President Trump has a small lead over Joe Biden in the crucial battleground state of Michigan.

The Trafalgar Group released results Friday morning that showed Trump leading Biden by less than one percentage point.

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Michigan Will Be A Major Player In Deciding The Presidential Election

Trump besting or being in close range to Biden in Michigan is good news for his campaign right now.

While Biden has led in national polls, these individual state polls are where the real action is in terms of securing electoral votes.

Michigan was one of a small number of swing states that Trump won in 2016 – part of the “blue wall” that Democrat Hillary Clinton’s team was criticized for taking for granted in the last election.

Biden has made sure not to repeat that mistake and has made a number of stops in Michigan, along with other battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Those states will again play a crucial, if not deciding role in 2020.

Trump And Biden Had Similar Poll Results From Trafalgar Group In September

Trump won Michigan by only 10,704 votes in 2016.

The most recent Trafalgar Group survey was conducted October 11-14.

While the margin was slim, Trump led Biden 46.5 percent to 45.9 percent respectively. 1,025 likely voters, or 2.2 percent, said they were undecided.

When Trafalgar Group conducted their survey last month, the results were similar.

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Expect Trump And Biden To Keep Campaigning Hard In Michigan

In their September poll Trump garnered 46.7 percent of likely voters, while Joe Biden received 46 percent flat.

So obviously the state of Michigan will be in major play right down to the wire.

Biden is scheduled to campaign in Detroit on Friday and on Saturday, President Trump is scheduled to “deliver remarks on supporting law enforcement” in Muskegon.

Expect both candidates to keep pushing hard in Michigan. They have everything to lose.

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