Michael Moore Issues Warning To Dems About Biden’s Campaign In Michigan – ‘It’s Actually Worse Than Hillary’s’

Biden Moore

The radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore spoke out this week to warn his fellow Democrats that Joe Biden is not doing nearly as well campaigning in the director’s home state of Michigan as leftists might think he is.

Michael Moore Gives Warning To Democrats

During an interview with The Hill, Moore brought up a recent Detroit Free Press poll that concluded that President Donald Trump had cut Biden’s lead in Michigan in half since June. This was a crushing blow for Biden, given the fact that the Democrat had previously held a whopping 16-point lead against Trump in the state.

“The fact that Trump has narrowed the lead by 50 percent since June should have everybody screaming bloody murder,” Moore advised. “We don’t have a minute to lose on this.”

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When asked what the Biden campaign should be doing to fix this, Moore replied by calling on the Democrats to enhance their “ground game.”

“It’s actually worse than Hillary,” Moore said. “At least there was a ground game, even though she didn’t show up. There were Hillary offices in many towns, there were door-to-door campaigns.”

The filmmaker then brought up a Time magazine article from this week that detailed an “invisible campaign” Biden is running in Michigan.

“Yes, we need to do it differently than 2016, but we need to go the other direction,” Moore said. “We need more, we don’t need less.”

Moore Has Warned Democrats About Biden’s Failings Before

Moore, who was one of the few liberals to predict that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, has spent the past few weeks trying to warn Democrats not to get cocky about Biden’s chances against the president in this election.

“Check this out—during the same week in August, but 4yrs apart,” Moore recently warned his Twitter followers. “In 2016, Hillary was way ahead of Trump. But this past week, in some swing states, Biden’s lead is less than what Hillary’s was. You can’t blame this one on the PO or Russia. This is on the candidate & party. WAKE UP!”

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This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 19, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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