Michael Moore Claims Joe Biden Is Targeting ‘White Racist Redneck Votes In Michigan’

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Radically liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore appears to have turned on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who he just accused of going after “white racist redneck votes” in his Moore’s home state of Michigan.

Moore said this after Biden accepted the endorsement of former Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

Moore Turns On Biden

Snyder endorsed Biden in a column for USA Today, saying that the former vice president can “bring back civility to the nation.” He then touted Biden’s “strong moral character and compassion.”

Biden responded by accepting the former governor’s endorsement in a press release, much to Moore’s dismay.

“The Biden campaign, in an effort to convince Flint voters to stay home on Nov 3 and lose Michigan again, happily announced & embraced the endorsement of former Gov. Rick Snyder — the man who poisoned Flint’s water. 10,000 children [with] permanent brain damage,” Michael Moore tweeted. “Countless dead. Shame!”

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Moore Doubles Down

Not stopping there, Moore accused Biden of going after “white racist redneck votes” instead of the black vote, describing him as “nuts” and demanding he retract the statement.

“So the Biden campaign thought getting a few more White racist redneck votes in Michigan was more important than getting the Black vote in Flint?” Moore said. “Better to embrace the mass-poisoning Republican ex-Governor than worry about ‘those Black people?’ Are u nuts? Apologize & retract NOW.”

Though Moore clarified that he does still support Biden, he said that he will not lie for the Democratic candidate.

“To be clear: I will vote for Biden. But I will not lie for Biden,” Moore explained. “For the millions of us spending every waking moment for the next 59 days trying to remove Trump, we won’t succeed if we have to also fight the Party and the Campaign who seem to be stupidly working against us.”

Moore’s Warning To Democrats

This comes one week after Moore, who correctly predicted that Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in 2016, warned his followers that Democrats need to “wake up” to the fact that the president is gaining on Biden in the polls.

“Someone needs to pull the fire alarm NOW,” Moore wrote alongside various polls. “Where are the stories about Trump gaining on Biden? Below’s a poll from Fri in Michigan. Last week Trump pulled within 4 pts of Biden. Now in one poll, Trump is AHEAD of Biden in MI 47-45. Yet so many Dems convinced Trump’ll lose. DANGER!”

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This piece was written by PoliZette Staff on September 7, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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