Democrats Might Kick Michael Moore Out Of Their Party After He Said This About Biden

This coming election is only about President Trump.

Staunch Democrat supporter Michael Moore once again sounded the alarm a few days before Election Day 2020.

This time, he’s telling his supporters and members voting for Joe Biden that the so-called comfortable lead against President Trump is probably not accurate.

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Moore appeared on The Hill TV’s “Rising,” labeling how awful it was that Biden was ahead of Trump by seven points in Michigan, his home state.

Moore cited another poll that had Biden “16 points” ahead of the President.

Moore whined, “Trump has tightened virtually every one of these swing states to the point where- what are they saying this morning?”

“‘Biden’s five points ahead in Wisconsin… maybe three points ahead in Florida, two points ahead in Arizona’… Listen, don’t believe these polls,” Moore added.

“The Trump vote is always being undercounted,” he said.

“Pollsters- when they actually call the Trump voter, the Trump voter is very suspicious of the ‘Deep State’ calling them and asking them who they’re voting for.”

For months, it’s obvious that Americans are either for and support Trump or hate Trump.

This election is all about supporting or hating, and Biden’s candidacy is insignificant in this race.

The Americans voting for Biden are doing so not because they feel Biden is a qualified candidate.

They are not doing so because they feel Biden has a good, solid record in politics or think he has the endurance to lead this country for the next eight years.  

No Biden voter believes any of that. Biden voters are doing so solely because of their hatred for Donald Trump.

Can’t See Past Hate, It Blinds Them

Many Democrats can’t see past their hatred for Trump. It irritates them like red irritates bulls.

Many people were jealous of death to see so many doing well under the Trump economy. 

It all motivates this type is hatred of success.

It is comical to watch polling data presented. Polling data means nothing.

It’s not reflective of voter sentiment because the polls are performed by left-wingers with corrupted sampling favoring the Democrat candidate.

The pollster narrative is no different than the mainstream media narrative.

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It’s not that I think it is fake news; I know the pollsters are miscalculating the raw data.

They always overestimate Democratic voters numbers, underestimate the Republican voters, and haven’t a good understanding of where independents vote lean.

Then it is true many Trump voters fear saying they support him. They’re “shy.”

Heck, people are being fired from their jobs just because they express positive support for Trump. They rightly fear socialist political violence and vandalism.

The Bias Of The Pollster Predetermines The Polls

Here’s my take on all the polls:

The demographic and political affiliation of polled people is typically systematically culled in reaching the desired outcome for whoever is paying them.

Couple that with suspicious voters who don’t want to give personal positions to a stranger on the phone, and you have a guaranteed inaccurate poll.

It’s just all so stupid. Do people really believe Trump is cutting 10 point leads down to 5 points or less in the span of a week? Based on what?

The one thing pretty much everyone seems to agree on is that there are virtually no undecideds in this election.

So, unless you are telling me that these polls are including a large percentage of undecideds and that all of them are now decided, for Trump, then we may all conclude these polls are nonsense.

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I mean, seriously, ABC just released a poll with Biden ahead in WI by 17 points. If that were half true, it wouldn’t be a swing state, and Trump wouldn’t be campaigning there every other day.

This year, 2020, has brought many things, but it looks like it may bring an end to polling.

For the record, as they did in 2016, these fake polls are designed for one purpose, to cause conservatives to lose hope, so they don’t vote.

That isn’t going to happen. The reverse is happening. People are more motivated than ever.

Moore is probably one of my least favorite people globally, but he had a point in 2016, and he makes another today.


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