Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre Suspect Complains He Is Being ‘Dehumanized’

On Wednesday, Darrell Brooks Jr., the suspect in the deadly Christmas Parade massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin that left six people,…

1 month ago

Taliban Just Held A Military Parade Featuring US Military Equipment Abandoned During Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Taliban reportedly held a parade featuring US military equipment abandoned during the Biden administration's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan over…

2 months ago

Taliban Showcases Captured U.S. Military Weapons In ‘Victory Parade’

On Wednesday, Taliban soldiers were seen in a video celebrating, while parading around captured American vehicles and weapons outside the…

5 months ago

Donald Trump Surprises Supporters By Showing Up At Presidents’ Day Rally In Palm Beach

On Monday, former President Donald Trump surprised a crowd of Trump fans by appearing at a Presidents’ Day rally in…

11 months ago

Joe Biden’s Inaugural Parade Canceled

The inaugural celebration for President-elect Joe Biden’s will be smaller than organizers originally intended after the parade that traditionally takes…

1 year ago

Hundreds Of Boaters In Florida Come Together To Show Support For President Trump

We're glad to see patriots come together to give President Trump the respect that he deserves!

2 years ago

Grateful South Dakota Citizens Throw Parade For Gov. Kristi Noem After She Refused To Shut Down Their State

She is putting the people of South Dakota first and staying strong for them even while she continues to get…

2 years ago

‘Squad’ Members Fundraise For Antifa Activists Accused of Assaulting Police Officers

A pair of 'Squad' members shared fundraising pleas for Antifa activists accused of assaulting police officers at a “Straight Pride”…

2 years ago

Joy Reid: Trump’s 4th of July Parade Meant to Threaten Americans

MSNBC host Joy Reid claims that President Trump's 4th of July parade is meant to 'threaten' fellow Americans because he…

3 years ago