Joe Biden’s Inaugural Parade Canceled

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The inaugural celebration for President-elect Joe Biden’s will be smaller than organizers originally intended after the parade that traditionally takes place following the ceremony was canceled.

The cancellation was originally announced in a U.S. Army email obtained by the reporter Jon Nicosia, in which participants were told the parade would not be happening.


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Expect A More Low Key Inauguration 

“The Inaugural Parade has been canceled,” it read.

The email continued, “The Active, National Guard, Reserve, and Academy marching requirements have been deleted and are no longer needed.”

In the email, the information from the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) was called “definitive guidance.” 

Some observers believe this announcement is just one more example that Americans should expect a more low key inauguration.


In December, Biden’s advisors said in a press release, “The ceremony’s footprint will be extremely limited, and the parade that follows will be reimagined.”

The committee release continued,“The PIC is urging the public to refrain from any travel and participate in the inaugural activities from home.”

There was also a recommendation that Biden supporters “limit gatherings during the inauguration.” 


PIC CEO Tony Allen said, “Our goal is to create an inauguration that keeps people safe, honors the grand traditions of the Presidency, and showcases the Biden-Harris Administration’s renewed American vision for an inclusive, equitable, and unified citizenry.” 

PIC Chief Medical Advisor Dr. David Kessler said in the release, “The pandemic is continuing to have a significant public health impact across the nation.”

“Americans everywhere must do their part to slow the spread of the virus: wear masks, stay home, and limit gatherings,” Kessler added.

Dr. Kessler said these precautions were all about Americans protecting themselves.

“We are asking Americans to participate in inaugural events from home to protect themselves, their families, friends, and communities,” he added.

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Report: Parade Will Be Replaced With ‘Military Escort’ To White House

Bloomberg reported Sunday that the parade was being replaced with a short walk or “military escort” to the White House.

“President-elect Joe Biden will receive a shortened military escort to the White House instead of the traditional inaugural parade that stretches from the U.S. Capitol after his swearing-in on Jan. 20, his inaugural committee said Sunday,” reported Bloomberg.

Bloomberg noted, “The scaled-down inaugural plans represent another concession to the coronavirus pandemic as Biden’s inaugural planners balance health and safety concerns with the pageantry of the constitutional ceremony.”

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