Flashback: Joe Biden Gets Roasted By Comedian Joel McHale For His Cognitive Abilities In 2014 As Obama And Crowd Laughs

In 2014, Joe Biden’s - alleged - cognitive decline was something that we could all laugh about. Heck, even Obama…

4 months ago

Democrats Prove Once Again They Are The ‘Party Of Women’ In Profane Rant Against Sen. Sinema

Once again, Democrats have inadvertently managed to prove two things; one, that their hypocrisy knows no bounds, and what a…

7 months ago

What Trump Said In His First Thanksgiving Message – Before He Was Even President

On the day before Thanksgiving in 2016, then president-elect Donald Trump delivered a Thanksgiving message to the American people as…

9 months ago

Hillary Clinton Called A ‘War Criminal’ By Protesters: ‘Go F*** Yourself!’

On Friday, a video was posted to social media that shows people yelling in protest at former Secretary of State…

11 months ago

Rand Paul: Nothing More Authoritarian Than Wanting To Put Unvaccinated People On No-Fly List

On Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul had harsh words for former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, Juliette…

1 year ago

CNN Journalist Says Reflecting Pool Looks Like ‘Extensions Of Joe Biden’s Arms Embracing America’

On Tuesday, CNN’s political director David Chalian said that the lights set up around the Reflecting Pool at the National…

2 years ago

CNN: George W. Bush’s Christmas Card Is A Shot At Trump

CNN claims a relatively mundane Christmas card sent out by former President George W. Bush is a shot at President…

2 years ago

Teen Vogue: White People Need To ‘Clap Back’ At Their Racist Relatives At The Holiday Dinner Table

The far-left magazine Teen Vogue ran a column this week suggesting white people need to go after their racist relatives…

2 years ago

Ilhan Omar Defends Raphael Warnock’s Claim That ‘Nobody Can Serve God And The Military’

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) came to the defense of Georgia Senate candidate Raphael Warnock following resurfaced comments in which he…

2 years ago

Barack Obama: Internet And Social Media “Biggest Threat To Democracy”

In a new interview, President Obama has slammed the internet and social media, claiming that they, as left-wing outlet Vox…

2 years ago

Ex-Obama Advisor Says ‘Foreign Leaders Are Already Having Phone Calls’ With Biden – Flynn Was Investigated For This

Former deputy national security adviser for President Barack Obama, Ben Rhodes, claimed on Monday that “foreign leaders are already having…

2 years ago

Team Trump Humiliates Pete Buttigieg After He Attacks The President

The Biden people have no acquaintance with the truth.

2 years ago