Hillary Clinton Called A ‘War Criminal’ By Protesters: ‘Go F*** Yourself!’

Hillary Clinton Called A ‘War Criminal’ By Protesters: ‘Go F*** Yourself!’

On Friday, a video was posted to social media that shows people yelling in protest at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as she enters Queen’s University in Belfast, where she was inaugurated as the new chancellor of the school.

As Clinton walks up the stairs of the university accompanied by security, shouts of “war criminal” could be heard coming from the crowd.

Watch the video:

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Protesters To Clinton: ‘War Criminal! Shame On Queens! Shame On You!’

Also shouted was “Shame on Queens! Shame on you!” along with “Go f*** yourself!”

According to the BBC, the crowd was comprised of students who were protesting against U.S. foreign policy.

While she served as Senator Clinton for the state of New York in 2002, Clinton voted for the Iraq War. That vote was used against her during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries by rival Barack Obama, who campaigned heavily on opposing then-President George W. Bush’s wars.

Clinton later served Obama as Secretary of State, where she convinced the president to conduct U.S. airstrikes on Libya in 2011. According to the New York Times in 2016 those U.S. military actions only achieved “leaving Libya a failed state and a terrorist haven.”

Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War also became an issue for her in 2016 during her race against Republican nominee Donald Trump for president.

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Trump In 2016: ‘You’re Going To End Up In World War III Over Syria If We Listen To Hillary Clinton’

Trump said in 2016 that if Clinton became president, the U.S. would be in danger of starting “World War 3″ under her leadership and historically hawkish foreign policy.

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“What we should do is focus on ISIS. We should not be focusing on Syria,” Trump told Reuters during an interview. 

“You’re going to end up in World War III over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton,” Trump said at the time.

The BBC reported during the 2016 election that Clinton wanted the U.S. further involved in Syria’s civil war, aimed at taking out Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. 


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