Once again, Democrats have inadvertently managed to prove two things; one, that their hypocrisy knows no bounds, and what a massive difference there is in acceptable behavior by Democrats and acceptable behavior by Republicans.

Alyssa Mastromonaco, former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations in the Obama administration, put on quite a temper tantrum – par for the course when Democrats do not get their way – during a recent appearance on the “Pod Save America” podcast while discussing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and her recent Senate votes.

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Ex-Obama Staffer Lets It Fly

During her appearance on the podcast, the seventh most popular podcast on Apple podcasts, Mastromonaco was asked about a Washington Post article that talked about Sen. Sinema’s ‘no’ vote on ending the filibuster.

While we already knew that Democrats were upset with Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for not going along with the filibuster ending scheme, apparently they are really not crazy about bipartisanship either.

But it’s Mastromonaco’s vile insult of Sen. Sinema that has my blood up:

“You guys, I have real issues with her. They are many-fold. She talks about the ‘disease of division. She gave the speech as Joe Biden was on [his] way up to the Hill. So anyway, it’s the s—tiest, grossest, most disrespectful thing she could’ve done. I think she’s a c—. That’s what I have to say.”

Yes, she went there. That word.

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The Champions Of Women

So what happens when a female liberal Democrat calls another woman the c-word on a podcast? Well the hosts, all male and former Obama staffers themselves, all channel the 15-year old boy inside them and laugh and giggle, and make jokes about bleeping out the offensive word. 

But what might be the most offensive part of this is when Alyssa Mastromonaco lets the sophomoric hosts off the hook for obviously feeling uncomfortable about the word being uttered by responding to their question about bleeping out the word, “No, because I’m a woman. I’m a woman, OK?”

No. It’s not ok. What it is is even more disgusting. Women, regardless of their political affiliations, have been striving for at least a century to be taken seriously in the political arena.

The fact that a woman would use this vile, disgusting, and dehumanizing word on another woman shows that we are not taking each other seriously. Why should anyone else? 

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Censure And Other Double Standards

On Saturday, the Arizona Democrat Party officially censured Kyrsten Sinema over her no vote to remove the filibuster

Sinema said she did not support removal of the filibuster because it would make the “disease of division infecting our country” worse.

At least there is one Democrat who is actually thinking about bringing back the concept of bipartisanship.

Podcast host Dan Pfeiffer responded to the notion of bipartisanship in the Washington Post article being discussed with Mastromonaco, “The best part about this take is that there’s no one out there making the case for bipartisanship.”

I think Sen. Sinema is hinting that that is the problem, Dan.

But what is curious about the votes cast by Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin? They are voting no on the same things, but Sinema seems to be getting some very different treatment than Manchin.

Kyrsten Sinema has been followed into restrooms, and quite literally up to the stall door, for her opposition to the $3.5 trillion ‘Build Back Better’ legislation. She has also had activists crash the wedding of a friend she was attending in November.

The interruption left the bride in tears and the family begging the protesters to let them have their special day.

Is this the work of the ‘party of women?’

The safe answer as to whether or not an apology might be forthcoming is probably no.