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Chris Wallace Welker
October 23, 2020
Fox News host Chris Wallace has admitted that he is "jealous" of Kristen Welker for her performance in last night's…
Trump Win Debate
October 22, 2020
Trump has his work cut out for him tonight. Here are six things he must do to win the debate…
McEnany Welker
October 21, 2020
Kayleigh McEnany shredded debate moderator Kristen Welker, saying she gave Joe Biden "some cover" by ditching foreign policy.
presidential debate
October 21, 2020
President Trump should set the terms of the final presidential debate. Why give a commission working for the Democratic Party…
Savannah Guthrie Town Hall
October 16, 2020
Savannah Guthrie, the moderator for President Trump's town hall, received high praise from fellow journalists following the performance.
steve scully
October 15, 2020
Steve Scully has been suspended by C-SPAN after admitting he lied about his Twitter account being hacked.
chris wallace wear the damn mask
October 2, 2020
Chris Wallace said that Donald Trump’s testing positive for coronavirus teaches the lesson that the President should “wear the damn…
October 1, 2020
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden represent two starkly different - almost opposite - views of America.
Chris Wallace
September 30, 2020
Fox News host Chris Wallace spoke out about last night's debate that he moderated, admitting "I'm disappointed."
james woods
September 30, 2020
James Woods summed up the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden with one hilarious tweet on Wednesday…