James Woods Perfectly Describes What Conservatives Thought Of Chris Wallace’s Debate Performance

james woods

Actor and outspoken conservative James Woods said what many conservatives were thinking about the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Woods directed his ire at the performance of debate moderator Chris Wallace.

“President Trump crushed his opponent Chris Wallace head to head in the debate,” Woods tweeted.

“There was also another fellow wandering around muttering to himself.”

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James Woods’ Debate Night Tweetstorm

Woods wasn’t finished.

He had a lot to say about how Fox News host Chris Wallace was handling the debate, and how he views Joe Biden.

He made fun of Joe’s penchant for getting up close and personal:

He alluded to the fact that Wallace works for Fox News, which is viewed as the “conservative” news outlet:

He had some more fun with Photoshop:

And he took a final parting shot at Wallace before moving on to other topics:

‘Muttering’ Biden

While Biden wasn’t literally wandering around the debate stage aimlessly, to be fair, he did have some curious moments.

More than once, Trump got under Biden’s skin so badly that the Democratic challenger called the President a ‘clown.’

At one point, a flustered Biden even looked down and said, “Will you shut up, man?”

Many viewers got the impression that Wallace was unfairly interrupting Trump, and not giving Biden the same treatment.

Woods had something to say about that, too:

Woods Wasn’t The Only One Who Had a Problem With Chris Wallace’s Moderating

Many critics believed that Wallace treated Biden more gently while remaining coarse with Trump.

Biden would talk over Trump without much of a reaction from Wallace, but the moderator would push back hard on the President for doing the same thing.

Fox News Brian Kilmeade asked, “Why is @JoeBiden allowed to interrupt? @realDonaldTrump is not.”

Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy wrote: “I love Chris Wallace, but he should get out of the way.”

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Political strategist and The Political Insider contributor Chris Barron tweeted, “Biden/Wallace won the debate. Don’t try to spin me with some bs. Fox News just handed the most important debate in history to the left. And they did it on purpose.”

“If you have one set of rules you enforce it on all participants,” he added. “Chris Wallace failed miserably.”

Many observers did not like the way Chris Wallace handled Tuesday’s debate, but leave it to James Woods to come up with the most entertaining take on a night most of us will not soon forget.

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