President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden represent two starkly different – almost opposite – views of America.

Biden’s problem is that his view doesn’t resonate with MOST Americans. It does resonate with Utopian Socialists, who are not the least bit practical or informed of how the world works.

Their naivete is so profound that they have to insert the word “like,” three or four times into a sentence because the world they see isn’t “like” anything on earth.

But they weren’t the star of the show on Tuesday night, now were they?

Fox News’ Chris Wallace seemed like entered the Presidential race during that debate without declaring.

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America is disappointed in Fox News’ Chris Wallace. I didn’t think he would be that biased against President Trump, on the national stage. I didn’t.

Can you imagine the amount of arrogance you would have to have to be that biased on purpose on the global stage and not expect some fallout that could wreck your career?

Unfortunately, he, like most of the media, are Dem hacks trying to protect Biden. I can’t count the times Wallace rescued Biden.

He wouldn’t even directly ask him if he endorsed “de-funding” the police. he phased the question to avoid saying, “De-fund the Police.”

But Joe was too stupid to pick up on it and said the phase himself, lying that he was not in favor of de-funding the police after he said he was in favor of it just weeks ago.

Joe says whatever his handlers tell him to. he has no morals or core values himself.


During Tuesday night’s debate, Biden said, “I believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement today, but overall its a few bad apples.” Which is it, Joe?

A few bad apples or ingrained institutional (systemic) racism? It makes me believe he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

It is like a doctor telling the patient that they have Level 4 cancer, but actually, it’s just a few spots.

Biden is walking on a razor’s edge. He can’t be a slave to two masters. Either he is pro-Sanders wing, or he is pro moderate American.

He is lying to one or the other group. The Latin vote looks reliable for Trump because folks see Biden as a weak individual.


How anyone could vote for Biden after seeing his poor performance is beyond me, this job is very demanding, and Joe is not up for the demands.

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Biden and his cohorts did nothing to denounce all this burning, looting, and murder that is destroying our cities; he can meet with dead families but cannot tell the dim mayors and governors to stop this nonsense.

If you think this is bad, wait for Biden’s presidency, more spending, more regulations, more inflation, and, most of all, you can kiss your job goodbye; it’s never been more transparent; the future is not socialism.

Biden is a career politician with talking points but no principles.

His answers on law enforcement contradict what he said before on redirecting funds. He has zero law enforcement support and with good reason.

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I am a conservative (or I wouldn’t likely be looking at Fox News debate), and I fully embrace many (not all) of this administration’s initiatives.

I applaud its accomplishments, and I have to give credit to its leader.

But having said that, I couldn’t be more embarrassed by the entire debate, knowing the world was watching it.

It was uncivilized on both sides.

Neither candidate answered any of the questions directly, going off on overused soundbites, interrupting each other, talking over each other, and making the entire event a miserable failure for the moderator.

I am so sorry, Chris.