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Alvin Bragg – You Have a Problem: Trump Indictment on Hold as Letter Surfaces Explicitly Stating Prez Did NOT Pay Stormy Daniels

The seemingly never-ending saga to 'get Trump' took a few twists and turns on Wednesday, when a grand jury that…

1 week ago

Melania Trump Didn’t Think Trump Would Win Election, Michael Cohen Alleges

Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen spoke out recently to claim that Melania Trump did not think her husband…

2 years ago

Ex-Clinton Advisor Dick Morris Admits Trump Prosecutions Are Meant To ‘Keep Him Quiet’

Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris spoke out on Sunday to admit that the efforts to go after the Trump Organization…

2 years ago

Donald Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr. Will Be In ‘Orange Jumpsuits,’ Michael Cohen Says

Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen went on MSNBC on Wednesday night to predict that the ex-president and his…

2 years ago

New York Announces Criminal Investigation Of Trump Organization

Reuters reported on Tuesday that New York's attorney general’s office acknowledges that it has opened a criminal investigation into former…

2 years ago

Michael Cohen: Trump Pardons ‘May Ultimately Be His Downfall’

On Monday night, former attorney for President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, warned his former boss about the large number of…

2 years ago

NY Attorney General Promotes Conspiracy Theory That Trump Will Step Down So Pence Can Pardon Him

Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, said that President Trump will step down before January so that Mike…

2 years ago

Chris Cuomo Caught on Tape Coaching Michael Cohen On How To Answer Trump Questions

CNN's Chris Cuomo was caught on leaked audiotapes coaching Michael Cohen on what to say for an upcoming interview, even…

3 years ago

Trump Wants CNN’s Chris Cuomo Fired After Audio Reveals Him Discussing Sexual Misconduct Allegations

President Trump tweeted Wednesday that CNN "has no choice" but to fire Chris Cuomo after secretly recorded conversations surfaced between…

3 years ago

Rosie O’Donnell And Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Team Up To Write Tell-All Book

It will sell well in Manhattan and San Francisco, the rest of the nation knows better.

3 years ago

Rosie O’Donnell Reveals All About Drama On ‘The View’ – Whoopi Goldberg ‘Didn’t Like Me’

During this interview, O'Donnell also talked about how she bizarrely has become pen pals with Michael Cohen, the former personal…

3 years ago

Fusion GPS Founders Still Think Dossier Allegations About Michael Cohen Are ‘Credible’ And ‘Unresolved’

Chuck Ross on November 26, 2019 The founders of Fusion GPS said Tuesday they still consider the Steele dossier’s explosive allegations…

3 years ago