Michael Cohen: Trump Pardons ‘May Ultimately Be His Downfall’

Michael Cohen Says Trump Pardons ‘May Ultimately Be His Downfall’

On Monday night, former attorney for President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, warned his former boss about the large number of pardons he has been issuing as his time in the White House winds down.  

Cohen, who pled guilty to lying to Congress, claimed that the pardons may ultimately be used against the President.

Cohen made his comments live via house arrest on MSNBC.

Cohen Opposes Trump’s Pardons

MSNBC host Ari Melbere brought up Trump’s many pardons seemed to irritate Cohen, who had been a loyalist to the Republican president before his legal troubles.

“Do I think any of these people should be receiving pardons? Absolutely not,” Cohen said.

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Cohen said Trump was trading “political favors and money” for pardons.

“I would have received one had I agreed not to come out, not to speak truth to power,” the attorney insisted.

After plugging his book, Cohen predicted how Trump’s last month in office would unfold.

“That’s when he’ll probably try to drop the pardon power for Jared, Don, Ivanka, Eric, [Trump Organization CFO] Allen Weisselberg, whoever he thinks will possibly get a federal indictment,” Cohen said.

He then added, “This produces a very significant problem for Donald Trump in the fact that once you receive that pardon power, once you get that pardon, you’re no longer able to invoke the Fifth Amendment, your right against self-incrimination, because you cannot be charged.”

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Cohen To Trump: ‘Why Don’t You Knock Off The Nonsense’

“So all of these people may ultimately be his downfall,” Cohen insisted, “simply because they’ll be testifying against him, either for a court or a tribunal.”

Cohen criticized Trump for focusing more on pardons and less on the coronavirus pandemic.

If he had the chance, Cohen said he would ask President Trump, “Why don’t you knock off the nonsense with the pardons? Why don’t you turn around and think about all of the Americans, each and every day, that are dying?”

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