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facebook lawsuit
At least 40 states are set to file an antitrust lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, according to a new report from CNBC.
Trump Biden
President Donald Trump torched the elections decisions that have been coming in from judges, asking “what kind of court system is this?”
Maddow Trump
November 25, 2020
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow suggested this week that those who contest election results should “go to jail.” Her hypocrisy is staggering.
President Donald Trump is selflessly fighting election corruption, and he’s giving it everything that he has.
giuliani trump election
Rudy Giuliani, and other lawyers for the Trump campaign, held a press conference on Thursday to issue legal challenges to the election.
twitter trump account
September 7, 2020
All indicators are predicting that Election Day will be disastrous, with no clear winner likely being called for months.
February 19, 2019
Oregon’s attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, has now acted along with 16 other officials in response to the president’s announcement last week