Rudy Giuliani and other lawyers for the Trump campaign leveled massive, unprecedented allegations of election fraud in a press conference today.

Giuliani was joined by Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and other members of the Trump team.

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Giuliani Claims Centralized Plan For Voter Fraud

During the press conference, former New York Mayor Giuliani, who President Trump has put in charge of lawsuits relating to the election, claimed that there was a “plan from a centralized place” to commit voter fraud across the country in multiple Democrat-controlled cities.

In previous lawsuits, they have addressed various cases of improperly handled ballots, such as ballots lacking a witness signature that were allegedly counted.

Giuliani claimed that a large scheme was the “logical conclusion” that had to be reached as a result of the various incidents they have been looking into.

The Trump campaign team issued a number of key claims during the press conference including:

  • observers were allegedly prevented from watching mail-in ballots being opened
  • issues of alleged “overvoting” with more votes than residents
  • voters allegedly arriving at the polls to find they had already voted.

Sidney Powell, another lawyer for the Trump campaign, made the most explosive claims.

She argued that Dominion voting machines, and Smartmatic software used to count the vote, were controlled by “foreign interests,” with ties to Venezuela.

During the press conference, the team did not provide any definitive proof or evidence for their claims. 

Instead, they claimed that the evidence would be forthcoming.

The national media, social media, and fact-checkers insist there is no widespread voter fraud.

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“Crazy, Unfounded Conspiracy Theories”

At one point during the press conference, Giuliani presented what he claimed were two sworn affidavits from individuals alleging fraud.

He added that there were apparently “many more” from private individuals.

However, it could not be seen clearly during the presser exactly what Giuliani was presenting to the world’s media.

The Trump team were also relatively hostile to the reporters during the press conference, accusing them of treating the efforts of the Trump campaign to address this alleged election fraud unfairly, and had condoned violent threats against the team.

Commentators in the media on many sides of the aisle were critical of the press conference.

David Axelrod of CNN described it as being full of “crazy, unfounded conspiracy theories,” while NPR’s David Folkenflik said there were a “myriad ways the public record” contradicts Giuliani.

Other commentators were just as critical.

Some conservative Twitter users expressed exasperation that such claims keep coming forward, but not the evidence.

Such incredible allegations will need to be backed up by good evidence, or the Trump legacy itself could be on the line.