Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda Teams Up With AOC To Deal With Being ‘Vilified By Presidents’ Together

The radically liberal actress Jane Fonda participated in a virtual discussion with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) on Friday in which the…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda Bashes Trump And Ivanka – Reveals Her Radical Plan If Biden Wins

Hollywood star and radical liberal activist Jane Fonda just spoke out to blast President Donald Trump and his daughter, White…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda And Natalie Portman Lead The Charge Urging Hollywood To Defund Police And End ‘Police Terror’

Jane Fonda and Natalie Portman are among the stars leading the charge in pressuring Hollywood to defund the police through…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda Outrageously Claims The ‘Vast Majority’ Of Protesters Are ‘Non-Violent’

The fact that liberals like Fonda and the mainstream media are glorifying these riots by falsely claiming that they are…

2 years ago

Hollywood Liberals Like Barbra Streisand And Jane Fonda Team Up To Use Coronavirus To Demand Climate Change Reforms

If only these liberal elites would put this much energy into helping the people on the frontlines of this pandemic.

2 years ago

Michael Moore Claims COVID-19 Is A Warning Before Earth Gets ‘Revenge’ On Humans For Climate Change

It's shameful that we are currently in the midst of a pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda Calls For COVID-19 Recovery Money To Be Used To Fight Climate Change

Fonda has been known for her crazed left-wing activism for decades, going all the way back to her anti-American protests…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda Tries To Hold Online Climate Change Protest During Coronavirus – It Immediately Backfires

Fonda has shown for years that she is nothing more than a radically liberal Hollywood hack who really has no…

2 years ago

Jane Fonda Says Climate Change ‘Catastrophe’ Happening in 11 Years And We Should All March In The Streets Over It

On Tuesday morning, Jane Fonda appeared on the ABC talk show "The View," where she declared that we have only…

3 years ago

Anti-American Jane Fonda Not Happy With America

Back in 2015, Jane Fonda had been scheduled to speak at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederic, Md.…

5 years ago

Jane Fonda Snaps At Megyn Kelly On Morning Show

Megyn Kelly's new NBC morning show, "Megyn Kelly Today," is off to a rough start. Wednesday morning, Kelly sat down…

5 years ago