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Miles Taylor, a former DHS chief of staff under Donald Trump, admitted one of his "big" worries about the former President winning back the White House is the potential for him to "turn off the internet."
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December 15, 2023
Miles Taylor, a former DHS chief of staff under Donald Trump, admitted one of his "big" worries is that he…
elon musk fcc
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December 13, 2023
The latest attack on Elon Musk comes from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) against his once beloved Starlink.
Social Media
August 18, 2023
As controversies over censorship and political collusion regarding social media platforms continues to grow by the day, a controversial proposal…
Monica Lewinsky Thinks Cancel Culture Has Become ‘A Little Too Broad’
October 8, 2021
Monica Lewinsky said she believes cancel culture has become “a little too broad,” referencing the culture of shaming risen on…
Days After First White House Cuba Statement, Biden Administration Finally Talks About ‘Failed Ideology’ Of Communism
July 16, 2021
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki called communism a “failed ideology” after sidestepping the issue when questioned more than once
November 17, 2020
President Obama has slammed the internet and social media, claiming that they are "the single biggest threat to democracy."
rod dreher
November 17, 2020
Rod Dreher warns that Big Tech and Woke Capital will ramp up their campaign to marginalize and silence dissenters in…
August 8, 2019
Monica Lewinsky offered an interesting take on vice president Mike Pence's suggestions to choose more time in prayer than on…
June 8, 2016
Obama internet spying will reach new levels, with the Judiciary Committee considering an amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act
August 1, 2014
Senator Ted Cruz took to the floor Thursday to push for a bill known as the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act,…