Chris Wallace Blasts Kamala Harris For Border Trip Fail – Proposed ‘No Answers’ For Immigrant ‘Flood’

Fox News host Chris Wallace just spoke out against Vice President Kamala Harris after she finally visited the U.S-Mexico border, saying…

1 year ago

Pelosi Outrageously Claims Climate Change Has Led To ‘Humanitarian Challenge’ At The Border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke out on Sunday to outrageously claim that climate change has led to a "humanitarian…

2 years ago

Caravan Migrant on Why He’s Traveling To US: Biden ‘Is Going To Help All Of Us’

A Honduran migrant traveling in a caravan of thousands to the United States said he is making the journey because…

2 years ago

Trump Keeps His Promise, Makes Mexico Pay for U.S. Border Security

Another campaign promise kept by the president.

3 years ago

New Honduran Caravan Ignores Trump Declaration – Headed Straight For U.S. Border

Hondurans are defying President Trump before crossing our border. What does that tell you about the people coming here? Who…

3 years ago

Trump Doubles Down On Wall As Caravan of Hondurans Head to the U.S.

President Trump mocked Democrats' refusal to support a border wall as news of a new migrant caravan moving from Central…

4 years ago

President Trump Threatens Honduras, Guatemela, and El Salvador As Illegal Immigrant Caravan Marches Towards U.S. Border!

President Donald Trump threatened to end any and all payments to Honduras, Guatamela, and El Salvador after news broke a…

4 years ago