A Sign? Multi-Car Pileup Due To ‘Biblical’ Plague Of Toads And Frogs

honduras plague of toads
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Something strange happened in Honduras recently. You could even say it was biblical.

It was definitely unbelievable, and had more than one person thinking about a storm of amphibians swarming out of the River Nile.

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‘This scares me. It looks more like the plagues of Egypt’

For those who need a little refresher, the Book of Exodus tells us that God warned the Pharaoh that if his people weren’t freed from bondage, he would unleash the frogs on Egypt.

MetroUK reports:

A ‘biblical’ plague of toads, frogs and tadpoles wreaked havoc in a Honduras city, even causing a multi-car pile-up.

The amphibians took over the streets and homes of Choloma after heavy rain fell in the area, causing drains to overflow and puddles to form.

The outbreak started on December 3 and, according to locals, continued for at least three days.

At one point, a pick-up truck lost control on the slime left behind and caused a pile-up involving at least five vehicles, including a tanker, two lorries and a motorbike that was left burnt to a crisp.

Just think of how many squished frogs must have covered the road for it to cause a vehicle to hydroplane all over their guts. The good news is, no one was killed in the accident.

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Is It the End of Times?

There are things that you don’t see everyday and then…

There are things that you don’t see everyday! Or any day, really.

A biblical plague certainly fits that category – at least so far. In Exodus, the third plague that comes after frogs is lice. Hopefully the Hondurans don’t have to suffer that as well!

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