Black Father Goes Viral After Blasting School Board For Teaching Critical Race Theory

Father Ian Rice has apparently had it with his child's school's alleged emphasis on Critical Race Theory instead of a…

2 years ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts ‘Hate America Democrats’ As Vote To Remove Her From Committees Is Confirmed

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that that the House will vote Thursday on a resolution to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor…

2 years ago

White House: Now That Twitter Has Banned Trump, Biden Supports Company Effort To ‘Reduce Hate Speech’

On Monday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that after Twitter banned former president Donald Trump, President Joe Biden…

2 years ago

Liberals Attack Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Who Was Hospitalized After Threatening To Harm Himself

On Sunday, President Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale was reportedly taken to a Florida hospital after an incident with…

2 years ago

Funny How That Works – Public Education Is Run By Democrats Who Hate The Country

I know one thing for a certain fact. Public education in this nation with its current curriculum and how it…

3 years ago

If You Need Any Other Proof To Vote For Trump In November, Look To Portland Chaos

Portland is further proof that people who do not believe in the Almighty Creator will never be satisfied. Living in…

3 years ago

Tucker: Democrats Shouldn’t Be Running A Country They Hate

Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggests Democrats should not be in control of a country whose history and ideals they…

3 years ago

BLM Founding Member Abdullah: ‘Trump Is The Embodiment Of White Supremacist Terrorism’

On CNN’s “Newsroom” on Wednesday, Black Lives Matter founding member Melina Abdullah said that President Donald Trump was the “embodiment…

3 years ago

Democrats Refuse To Disavow Anti-Semitic Candidates

Linda Sarsour, a vile bigot, has become a force to be reckoned with in that party.

3 years ago

Trump Mocks Pelosi For Having ‘Nervous Fit’ When Reporter Asks If She Hates Him

President Trump on Thursday joked that Nancy Pelosi had a "nervous fit" in response to a reporter's question as to…

3 years ago

Meghan McCain Blasts Rand Paul: ‘I Hate Him!’

The View co-host Meghan McCain blasted Senator Rand Paul for calling on the media to out the Ukraine whistleblower, saying…

3 years ago

Ilhan Omar Launches Ad Hominem Attack After Tucker Carlson Says She’s Enraged By America

Molly Prince on July 10, 2019 Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar reacted to Tucker Carlson’s criticism of the freshman congresswoman being…

4 years ago