Black Father Goes Viral After Blasting School Board For Teaching Critical Race Theory

Father Blasts CRT, Tells School Your Job Is To Teach My Daughter 'Math And Science’ Not That Her 'Mother Is Evil'

Father Ian Rice has apparently had it with his child’s school’s alleged emphasis on Critical Race Theory instead of a basic math and science-based education.

Rice, a black man, recently told the school board that serves where his daughter attends that their job is to teach the basics, not that “white people are bad.”

Rice’s speech has gone viral among conservatives. Watch:

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Rice: Critical Race Theory Used To ‘Indoctrinate The Kids To Hate Each Other’

As he began his remarks, Rice said that it was clear that “this board and this school district is failing” based on the comments made by other parents who preceded him.

The Daily Wire reported that Rice insisted that was Critical Race Theory was “never meant to be brought into grade schools, high schools at all.”

“It’s actually taught in the collegiate atmosphere, and, more importantly, the legal portion of the collegiate atmosphere, to see different laws through the lens of race,” Rice said. 

“The problem with bringing it to the high school and grade school level, is that we don’t have the educators to properly teach these kids,” Rice noted.

Rice added, “Instead, they’re using it as their own agenda to indoctrinate the kids to hate each other. And whether you believe that to be true or not, the reality is that’s what’s happening.”

Rice: CRT Means Teaching His Daughter That ‘Her Mother Is Evil’

Rice then emphasized how much damage Critical Race Theory could do to his children, who belong to a mixed family.

“Critical Race Theory is teaching that white people are bad,” Rice said.

“That’s not true,” he insisted. “That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil.”

Rice then described an altercation he said happened to his daughter while in school.

According to him, a teacher pulled his daughter aside and instructed her, “You’re a minority, so you know better than to engage in certain things.”

“Nothing happened to educate her,” he said, when the incident was brought to the school’s attention.

Rice said, “Instead, my daughter was brought in and she was ridiculed.”

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Rice: ‘Your Job Is To Teach Them Math And Science’

He then outlined the division of labor when it came to what schools are supposed to do and what parents roles is in raising children.

“So, my question is, now, with Critical Race Theory being brought in, what is your criteria to educate the educators?” Rice asked.

“And who are you to educate my children, or any of our children, in life issues?”Rice queried. “That’s our job.”

“Your job is to teach them math and science,” Rice blasted to the board.


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