Portland is further proof that people who do not believe in the Almighty Creator will never be satisfied.

Living in the best country in the history of the world is not good enough for them. That the elected leaders of such scum are morally corrupt and functionally inept only follows naturally. The Sanctuary City nihilism was the incubator for this metastasis of virulence.

These coward Democrat politicians supported these thugs and violent protesters and now they tasted only a little bit of how average American feel about these thugs. They are simply criminals and thugs.

They have nothing to do with caring blacks. Democrats have been backing all these protesters while average Americans suffer from loss of forced lockdown of their business and then the destruction of their stores and cities.

Now the rioters want to blame law enforcement who are within their rights to stop the carnage.

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Federal authorities are within their jurisdiction to protect federal property. Cruising city streets and snatching people and taking them to interrogation sites without a reasonable cause is not.

Stopping people on the street to question them is reasonable as long as it’s in plain site and there is a reasonable cause for the stop but the assumption is the feds don’t want the gathering of bystanders with cameras to happen and so the snatching is occurring. Optics (appearances) is everything here.

It’s not a civil war, at least not yet. A prerequisite to civil war would include redefining American citizenship so that only people that hold American values (limited government, free markets, self-government, equal protection, etc.) would be actual citizens. This would make it possible to regard those that don’t hold those values as “enemy combatants.”

It all goes downhill from there.


It started when colleges and universities bowed to the demands of liberal students to fire professors who dared to exercise freedom of speech. It started when K-12 teachers were fired for making comments on their own time on social media about the inability of being able to discipline students. It started when companies began to accede to demands by the public to fire employees because they supported Trump.

These violent domestic terrorists have become used to making demands of what THEY want and if those demands are immediately met, they become the Lord of the Flies group on the island that you don’t want to meet.

They have to be stopped and it has been left too long to make them fear jail. It has come down to a violent reaction by law enforcement that will sometimes result in death because mob rule is addictive and they have become addicts.

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The mayors of these cities were under the impression that they were in control of the situation when they sought to appease the demonstrators. But the demonstrators that are bent on violence cannot nor will not be appeased.

They do not want an agreement and the only concessions that they will except is total capitulation. Their demands must be met in total.

This is now the situation facing these mayors and they are in a situation where they will have to decide rather to give in and surrender to the mob or allow the reinforcements that they have spurned all along.

This is where the Governors should have stepped in and supplied the National Guard as the Law allows but they have stood back and now they are in the same situation as the Mayors.


I say the Feds should get on the loudspeaker and say, “We are leaving this Federal building, you mob can do what you like with it. But note, the United States Government will no longer give aide to Portland or any other city in Washington, who choose not to have law enforcement or Federal law enforcement in their districts. You are now completely on your own.

No coming back to us in a few months crying for relief of ANY KIND! Now…. Have a good day!”

Does anyone remember the Chicago riots in the 60s? The Democrat-run city tore into the protesters injuring 500 protesters and communists, 100 none protesters including journalists and observers but that’s okay, the Democrats are allowed. Stinking lying double standard hypocrites.

How come the Democrats are pro-communist now?

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I think just maybe the far left fanatics have run off all that is left of who the Dems used to be in the past. There was a time when the Democrat Party and the Republican Party were both fairly fiscally conservative and agreed about what was righteous about our country.

There were some policy differences but for the most part, it was respectful between the two. Now the party is threatening the very basics of what makes us great. And I am worried sick for my children. I pray that good Dems will vote against this hostile takeover by AOC and Biden.

God help us.