Feminism: An Elite Ideology

By Brenda M. Hafera for RealClearPubliAffairs In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about elitism. Elites dominate higher…

1 year ago

Feminism Does Not Speak To The Female American Mind

By Brenda M. Hafera for RealClearPublicAffairs Feminism has never gotten American women quite right. It has done its best, going…

2 years ago

Tucker Carlson Slays Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand And Feminists

When Democrats rallied behind Christine Blasey Ford's allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings,…

3 years ago

United Nations Takes Radical Feminist Stand On International Women’s Day

For decades, this has been a ridiculous institution.

3 years ago

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Accused Of Harassment – Targeted By Feminist

He's old-school and now he's paying for it.

3 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel Writer Goes On Sexist Rant Against Karen Pence

Criticizing women over their physical appearance is a big no-no in modern feminism, so of course, proud liberal feminist and…

4 years ago

The Second Amendment Has Done More For Women Than Any Liberal Movement

The feminist movement, hijacked long ago by the left in an attempt to define equal rights as being able to…

5 years ago

Women’s March Spits In The Face of Sex Trafficking Victims

The Women's March continues to humiliate themselves on a regular basis. Just weeks after the leadership of the "movement" came…

5 years ago

Comparing Feminists From Around the World

Ever wondered what American feminists today look like to others around the globe? It's amazing how far feminism has descended…

5 years ago

‘Feminist’ Joan Walsh Slams Ivanka Trump’s ‘Girly’ G20 Dress

The delightful thing about feminists is that they tend to be mind-numbingly self-contradictory - and don't even realize it. MSNBC…

5 years ago

Debunking the Phony “Wonder Woman” Gender Pay Gap Claim

As if the gender wage gap hasn't been debunked a thousand times over already, there's now a new and improved…

5 years ago

Hillary Clinton Uses Speech at Women’s Conference to Attack Men

Hillary Clinton's loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 election may go down as one of the most embarrassing defeats…

6 years ago