Megyn Kelly Points Out Feminism’s Hypocrisy Over ‘Barbie’ Oscar Snub – Who Stood Up for Riley Gaines?

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has struggled in recent years to generate enough excitement around the once beloved Oscars celebration. Viewership has steadily declined, with the total of viewers hitting an all-time two-decade low in 2021.

With the average American uninterested in watching Hollywood elites in overpriced outfits opining on social justice issues while accepting an award for often-overrated artsy films, perhaps this year will be different, thanks to the recent Barbie drama. A movie based on a doll that received oodles of nominations is now headline news due to the faux-feminist outrage over certain category snubs.

The female director and lead female actress did not receive nominations in the categories of best director and best actress, in contrast, the lead male actor did receive a nomination for best-supporting actor. The left is having a Chernobyl-level meltdown, pointing to the perceived irony from the film to real life.

Ken got nominated for an Oscar, and Barbie didn’t, which means sexism and the patriarchy are real. We should all start burning our bras in feminine solidarity, once we figure out what a woman is.

Losing knows no gender

Director Greta Gerwig and actress Margot Robbie were not nominated in the director or actress categories for their roles in the Barbie movie. However, Ryan Gosling did receive a nomination in the best supporting actor category for his role as Ken in the pink pop movie that tickled the funny bones and pricked the wanna-be feminist heartstrings of millions.

Naturally, this meant to the daft masses that the patriarchy is real and women have failed to achieve any amount of equality throughout time. Prolific loser and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weighed in on social media writing:

“Greta and Margot, While it can sting to win the box office but not take home the gold, your millions of fans love you. You’re both so much more than Kenough. #HillaryBarbie”

As usual, the failed presidential candidate provides a Master Class in toxic femininity by hijacking an event that has absolutely nothing to do with her and claiming it for herself. It’s important to note that while Ms. Gerwig and Ms. Robbie weren’t nominated in the director and actress categories, they did receive nominations in the producer and adapted screenplay categories.

Their talents were recognized. The Barbie film received eight nominations, including America Ferrera, nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category. But the furious feminist movement is unassuaged, demanding that their two chosen female heroines receive the desired recognition regardless of talent or merit in the name of taking down The Man and raising up women on the pedestal we so rightly deserve.

And yet… this same group is oddly silent when women are literally beaten down by men.

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Sports are for boys

The hypocrisy on display by the liberal feministas was brilliantly described by Megyn Kelly, who wrote in response to a request from actor Matthew Marsden to post a liberal hypocrisy:

“”Feminists” who are super mad Margot Robbie got “cheated” by The Man out of her Barbie Oscar but couldn’t care less that @Riley_Gaines_ got cheated out of her NCAA medal by the man Lia Thomas.”

Where was the outrage when Riley Gaines was robbed of her NCAA medal in favor of a man? Instead, the same group who weeps for Greta and Margot have nothing but hate and vitriol for Riley.

Where were and are these same strong female voices when the Biden administration pushed through updated Title IX regulations to expand the meaning of sexual discrimination to include gender identity? This rule fundamentally erases the hard work done to secure and protect women in sports, the original point of Title IX.

Why is there a difference in outrage? Why is it unacceptable for a man to be nominated in an all-male category for their role in a film but acceptable for a man to win an award in a female sport?

It seems awfully selective, which is how all former liberal-celebrated movements have become. It’s ok to fight for women’s rights and fairness – unless it relates to sports where biological sex actually matters.

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Ken speaks truth

There are calls for Ryan Gosling to give up his nomination for his role as Ken in protest of the claimed sexism exhibited by the Academy. Like most women in my generation, I’m a fan of Ryan’s, and I’m glad he chose not to give up his nomination; after all, he earned it, and he wasn’t competing in the same categories as Greta and Margot.

If anything, the calls should’ve been, if at all, for the fellow women and directors to turn down their nominations as theoretically, based on the arguments put forth by the outraged feminists, they were the ones to take Greta and Margot’s spots. All that nonsense aside, in Mr. Gosling’s response to Oscar’s snub, he singlehandedly explained the reality of biological sex:

“…there is no Ken without Barbie…”

Profound words from the dreamy Gosling. There is indeed no Ken without Barbie, Adam without Eve, and man without woman.

And yet, the progressive puppet masters want to dissolve what Barbie symbolizes. Women matter, and women are different than men.

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Men matter, and men are different than women. Ryan Gosling’s nomination is not proof that the patriarchy is still in power, crushing the dreams and contributions of women.

His nomination proves that the Academy believes out of all the supporting male actors this last year, his performance as Ken is worthy of a nomination. However, allowing biological men like Lia Thomas and transgender biological male golfer Hailey Davidson to compete against biological women is crushing the dreams and contributions of women.

Spoiler alert: it’s not the patriarchy who is the bad guy this round, ladies – it’s all of you so-called feminist puppets of the left.

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