University’s Mandatory ‘Anti-Racism’ DEI Seminar: ‘There Are No Exceptional White People’

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The University of Wisconsin Law School has a first year mandatory class that denounces “whiteness” and reportedly says that “colorblindness” is bad and racist.

It also teaches that “there are no exceptional white people.”

And yes, I said, ‘mandatory.’

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‘No Exceptional White People’

It’s a real class, however unbelievable – if “unbelievable” is still a thing that can be said about modern universities. Frankly, the longer America treads in this woke business, the more believable it all becomes.

The New York Post reports, “The racial refresher was given last week to enrollees who had completed their first semester of instruction at the well-regarded Madison school helmed by dean Daniel Tokaji Students were given preparatory literature beforehand to acquaint them with the session’s imperatives.”

The story continued:

One section reminded white students they benefit from racial oppression regardless of their correctional efforts — and that “there are no exceptional white people.”

“You may have attended many anti-racism workshops; you may not be shouting racist epithets or actively discriminating against people of color, but you still experience privilege based on your white skin color,” the pamphlet contends.

So which is it? Are white people unexceptional, or privileged? Are they both?

A better question would be, would the university still hold the seminar if “white people” was replaced with any other group on God’s green earth?

Do the Chinese have Chinese Privilege, in China?

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Sorry MLK, ‘Colorblindness’ is Now Bad

The course also teaches that “colorblindness” – Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream – is a tool of racism. Somehow.

“‘Colorblindness negates the cultural values, norms, expectations and life experiences of people of color,” the document reads. “By saying we are not different, that you don’t see the color, you are also saying you don’t see your whiteness. This denies the people of colors’ experience of racism and your experience of privilege.”

It’s an absurd class that promotes ridiculous ideas about race and ethnicity. “Color” just means “not white.” But Tamils and Sub-Saharan Africans are wildly different people, even if they are both “of color.”

Just like Swedes and the French are “white” and yet not at all the same. By collecting people into “white” and “color,” they are denying the massive cultural differences in those groups in order to set them against each other.

But if you’re learning law at the University of Wisconsin, that’s what you’ll “learn” for all your hard-earned money.

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